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Wholesale Infrared Body Wrap

Fit Bodywrap system is far more than a sauna. With this system, you can expand on the treatments that you are currently offering without the additional overhead. One device but has the ability to provide whole body solutions.

Fit Bodywrap,
Your Best Bodywrap Supplier!

Saunas and pods emit indirect infrared heat which makes it less effective than the Fit Bodywrap system, the only commercial-grade system that delivers direct infrared heat. The infrared produced by the system is powerful and brings real results to your clientele making them want to come back for more. Through an extensive clinical research, a comprehensive list of potential benefits has been declared when the Fit Bodywrap System. Benefits clients will receive during the treatment are Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Detoxification, Skin Care and overall Wellness. With that being said, why hold back on offering sessions and begin earning revenue with the Fit Bodywrap System?

Build your whole business around infrared. Start offering sessions the day your Fit Bodywrap System arrives. At Fit Bodywrap, we came up with a plan in terms of implementing your new service and offering it in 4 revenue-boosting ways:

  1. A Standalone Service
  2. As Part of a Package
  3. As a Series of Treatments
  4. As an Upgrade

You don’t even have to worry about training and marketing because we got you covered! On the day of your purchase, we will work with you all throughout the process to complete training, develop the price, and promote the system. Discover today how the Fit Bodywrap will work for you and your business. Fit Bodywrap is now the leader in infrared wellness. We aim to make infrared technology accessible to everyone and everywhere. With this vision in mind, we were able to produce the Fit Bodywrap System. If you want to experience the power of infrared, find a FIT Bodywrap certified provider near you!  For more information, give us a call at 1-888-534-8669 or email us at info@fitbodywrap.com.



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Proven Results for your clients. Increased Revenue for your business.

Our goal is to make your customers happy by providing you with an effective service that delivers the best possible results. Why? Because caring about you means caring about your customers, too. We’re going to be partners after all, right? And when our partners look good, we look good.

Are you ready to discover just how great of a partnership this will be?