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Everything you need For basic troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your System

One of the easily fixable issues of a unit not powering on has to do with the dongle. The dongle is the black plug like piece that fits into the back of your controller.

There are two types of dongle depending on when your unit was purchased. These are the two-pronged dongle and the three-pronged dongle. There is no real difference between them besides the number of prongs within the dongle. 

To ensure your unit isn’t having power issues due to the dongle, please make sure that the dongle is firmly secured. For a two-pronged dongle, after pushing firmly, you will feel one click. For the three-pronged dongle, there will be two clicks. The initial click, and then after another firm push, another click. 

If you are still having issues powering your unit after testing, please click here to submit a repairs request and we will reach out to speak with you on your controllers’ issues.

Try switching up the placement of your cables in the controller ports

  • Plug your blanket cable for an unresponsive zone into the port on the controller that is heating properly.
  • If the zone heats up, this means the issue is with your controller port. If the zone does not, then the issue is with your blanket.
  • Make sure to repeat this process with all of your ports to make sure of the problem.
  • Heating issues with blankets cannot be fixed; they will need to be replaced. If you are under warranty, please call one of our repair specialists.

*** Always troubleshoot with the stand alone black dongle and ensure that the T-MAX is bypassed entirely for more conclusive testing

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Still Have A Question?

Do NOT send the power cord or black dongle with your controller for upgrade.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced accessories upon return.