FIT Bodywrap

Fit BodyWrap 45T

The Leading Far Infrared Body Wrap System.

The System works to detoxify the body, soothe aches & pains, speed muscle recovery, & boost metabolism. How? It’s simple – direct infrared heat! 

The FIT Bodywrap System is a body immersion treatment that delivers far infrared heat directly to the body. During a session the infrared heat penetrates the body which works to increase core body temperature to elevate heart rate and blood circulation, replicating a cardiovascular exercise. Through this, the FIT Bodywrap delivers a host of benefits.

With the same great benefits of our original system, the new FIT 45T will allow for much shorter sessions with maximum results. Our new system allows for quicker heating without compromising the effects produced, allowing for shorter 45-minute sessions to replace the standard 60-minute session.


The Experience

This fully customizable contactless service is both therapeutic and invigorating.

Clients are able to adjust temperature, up to 135 degrees F, in all four zones to create an individualized experience that meets their comfort level. Sessions range from 30-45 minutes. 

During treatment each client will have a rise in core body temperature which will increase blood flow throughout the body. In turn nerve endings will help calm, metabolic rate will increase resulting in reduction of fat cells, and encourage the body to detoxify through the lymphatic system.

Commercial Quality

FIT Bodywrap uses the latest technology and manufacturing methods to deliver the only true commercial grade system on the market, which can handle the most demanding usage levels.

Infrared Wraps

Built for consistent, even heat distribution.

  • Multi-layered to ensure even heat distribution, heat redirection, and cold spot elimination.
  • Carbon fiber heating elements are energy efficient, heat consistently, are durable and flexible.
  • Safely operates at using DC current for customer safety.
  • Optional arm wraps for targeted treatment.

Fit Controller

Easily adjustable temperature controls for a truly customizable experience.

  • Built-in surge protector.
  • Multiple and redundant safety sensors to help prevent overheating
  • Can be operated with or without timing equipment (T-Max compatible).
  • Globally compatible power supply.

Even Heat Distribution

The most dense and evenly distributed carbon fiber IR emitter system in the industry to ensure consistently distributed heat

Built to Last

Military-grade temperature safety sensors.


Ultra-low EMF & ELF technology.


Manufactured to meet and exceed product safety standards


Specially designed waterproof polymer layer to help achieve a sanitary environment suitable for multi-users

Zone-Based controller

Highly flexible system where each zone can be fully customized to every user’s needs

Low cost

Proven high ROI opportunity and the lowest cost of ownership in the industry


System is designed with portability and flexibility in mind, and can easily be moved across treatment rooms



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