“I work at a tanning salon that provides the FIT wrap services and let me tell you, this things did wonders to my body, within three months I lost 12lbs! With the right mindset and determination anyone can accomplish what I have! Strongly recommend!”

Jessica L.*

“I lost 2% body fat and one pant size in 4 visits. It was faster and easier than two months of personal training sessions at the gym!”


“I lost two inches after four sessions. I feel AMAZING after I do a 60 minute session in the wrap! The product is amazing too!! I am so happy to have the extra help for swim suit season!”

Andrea A.*

“I did 5 sessions and after the 2nd one I started noticing major differences in how I felt! After all 5 in my package, I had already lost 1.5 inches around my waist and 5 pounds. I feel amazing! The FIT Booster spray also makes my skin so soft. Thank you for such a great product & experience!”

Lauren G.*

“I did 3 wraps and loved them. I felt lighter and more toned.”

Phillips T.*

"I just did first session with the (FIT Bodywrap) wrap and it was so relaxing. I felt good afterward. I felt energized and ready to take on the rest of the day. If you are reading this to see if the FIT Bodywrap is for you, please try it. It definitely is something you NEED to try. I promise you will love it and will tell your friends/family about it. Thank you FIT Bodywrap for making this product!”

M. Grady*

“…I love the FIT Bodywrap, something different to add to my pre-summer slim down workout regimen!”

Nicole M.*

“I was so relaxed after my first bodywrap, I’m thinking of using it regularly just to manage my stress!”


“After my first FIT Bodywrap, my skin felt so soft, it actually glowed. I noticed that my pants fit better, too. I can’t wait for my next wrap!”


“Originally I tried the FIT Bodywrap for weight loss, but now I am excited that I have found something that can help my chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia, and the heat feels so good on my joints…”

Tracy P.*

* Individual results may vary

“The entire team at FIT Bodywrap is a joy to work with. They desire to make you successful. So if you are trying to decide whether to give this a try in your business, my recommendation is a great big “DO IT”.”

Paradize Tanning*

“The RESULTS of the FIT Bodywrap are mind blowing. We have had this in our studio for only a year now and the reward of finally seeing each of our clients utilizing this and achieving awesome results is validation for us and our business. We made a good choice in this system.”

Studio 120*

“First of all it added about 2k to our salon. That is good itself but I had a lady that was getting married in like 2 weeks so she came in for our 2 week unlimited needing to lose about 6lbs and reshape her middle. After 3 session and 2 to go she hit 7lbs lost and said her dress fits and she can breathe. She did one more and gave the other to a friend and after her friend did it she was hooked. We see her about 4 times a month to help keep her in shape…”

Island Tan Beach Club Inc.*

“One of my customers was able to lose 35lbs. in 2 1/2 months using the FIT Bodywrap machine 10 times! We took before and after pictures of her and use them to show other clients the incredible results that the FIT Bodywrap can accomplish! You can read our Google AND Yelp reviews regarding this product and from all the many more clients who’ve experienced similar results!”

X-Treme Tan*

“We have owned our FIT Bodywrap for over 2 years and have many great successes with this user friendly addition to our family, but one extremely happy story comes to mind!! A local teacher came to BareFoot Beach on a recommendation from a friend. She had lost weight through good diet and exercise, but wanted to really detoxify. We went through protocol and got her going! On her second visit, I asked, as always, so what did she think of her first visit? She looked at me and said that she is a type 2 Diabetic and takes her blood sugar readings twice a day and the next morning, following the FIT, she had normal readings. I casually said ‘oh good!’ She promptly said, ‘Nancy, you do not understand. I have never had normal readings!!!’ We hugged and cried!!! Thank you FIT Team for making this possible!!”

Barefoot Beach*

“Our long time client Jackie had been on a workout regimen for months and had plateaued with her weight loss. We recommended the Fit Body Wrap for her, educating her on its awesome benefits!…After just 3 sessions Jackie lost 3 pounds! She has since referred several friends to Urban Sun so they could also reap the benefits of this amazing service! The FIT Bodywrap has immensely impacted our business in a powerfully positive way, drawing in a whole new set of clientele and merging the Tanning and Spa industry services into one convenient location! Here at Urban Sun , both clients and team members love the FIT Bodywrap and can’t get enough of it! We are feeling and looking more Youthful, FIT, Firm and Toned, even throughout the holidays! Who knew you could have it all in just a one hour session in the FIT Bodywrap? The secrets out! We are sharing this effortless, inch shedding FIT Bodywrap service information with every client who walks through our door, and reaching out to others via social media as well! Thank You FIT Bodywrap for allowing us to add such a phenomenal spa service to our salon!”

Urban Sun Tan*

“Having just started with FIT I am amazed at how many of my clients this week have purchased packages after their very first session…The ease of the treatment has been very appealing to the men in my clientele and a super addition to existing clients massage sessions. From a therapist view, it will ensure my longevity in the industry by ease of use, support to existing clientele, making massage sessions more relaxing and a personally effective recovery for my normally over worked therapist.”

EZBreeZy Body & Skincare Systems*

“Richard was going to be measured to enter the Army and needed to have 1” less in his waist and a few pounds lighter. He only had two days for this, so he called and came in that night at 10:00 pm and did his first session, then scheduled his next session for the very next day! …I got the call he had made it!! He was so happy, his mother started coming for her sessions and is very pleased with results. This has opened my business to generate more income just by referral which is the best reward from a satisfied client.”

Stetik Spa & Beauty*

* Individual results may vary

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