FIT Bodywrap Launches New Products Internationally

FIT Bodywrap Launches New Products Internationally

SAN DIEGO Aug. 5, 2015 FIT Bodywrap®, the leader in far infrared wellness technology, announces the international release of the 8 oz FIT Booster Spray and redesigned FIT Coat. The new products combine all-new features in packaging and design modification.

“Today’s knowledgeable business owners are seeking product features that elevate the consumer experience while providing proven results,” said FIT Bodywrap Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer Michel Mikse. “Here at FIT Bodywrap we are dedicated to developing top-tier products that ensure our Certified Providers maximize their success and exceed the ever-changing needs of their clients.”

FIT Bodywrap’s 8 oz FIT Booster Spray and improved FIT Coat have set new benchmarks in the far infrared technology industry.

8 oz FIT Booster Spray: A key enhancement to FIT Bodywrap sessions and daily skin treatment, FIT Booster Spray is a scientifically formulated 360 degree spray with properties to enhance microcirculation, reduce cellulite, stimulate the breakdown of fat, inhibit the accumulation of new fat and activate detoxification. New key features include:

  • Bag on valve: Eco-friendly design utilizes compressed air to expel 100 percent of the product and eliminate product waste.
  • New fragrance: Updated light and clean scent is designed to combat odor.
  • More product: 14 percent increase in product from 7 oz FIT Booster Spray to all-new 8 oz FIT Booster Spray

FIT Coat: The FIT Coat is a one-time use, disposable garment that enhances FIT Bodywrap results, and assists with Certified Provider cleanup. New key features include:

  • Larger size: Updated size ensures comfort for consumers of all shapes and sizes
  • Leak defense: Rigorous product development and testing has diminished leaking of sweat.
  • Design modifications: Pre-determined areas for the feet as well as the neck collar have been eliminated to ensure comfort for consumers of all heights and weights.

The 8 oz FIT Booster Spray and FIT Coat are available to Certified Providers nationwide. For more information on FIT Bodywrap’s new products, contact FIT Bodywrap at 888-5FIT-NOW.


The FIT® Bodywrap system is recognized as the industry leader in far infrared thermowraps that provide maximum weight loss, pain relief and other therapeutic results to thousands of satisfied customers through installations in spas, tanning salons and medical practices. Founded by entrepreneurs Faraje Kharsa and Michel Mikse, FIT Bodywrap® is a privately held company headquartered in Poway, CA. For more information, visit or call 888-5FITNOW.