FIT Bodywrap Announces Expansion of Infrared Technology Product Line

SAN DIEGO — Nov. 3, 2015 — FIT Bodywrap®, the leader in far infrared wellness technology, announces the expansion of its infrared technology product line. The addition of a new hue to its commercial-grade system will provide customers with the option to choose between two original shades to better suit their needs.

“We’re dedicated to giving our Certified Providers high-end products that they are proud to showcase and that will give their clients the most seamless experience from beginning to end,” said FIT Bodywrap Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer Michel Mikse. “The updated color system was created to set the tone for a calming and relaxing experience.”

The release of this neutral color will create a soothing environment that can elevate the user experience. Showcasing a warm, gray tone that was selected during market research, this new system exudes a relaxing and zen-like session. FIT Bodywrap continues to implement product improvements to meet the changing needs of its customers.

“We are in constant contact with our Certified Providers and we see the demand for additional luxury options within our product line,” said FIT Bodywrap Business Development Manager Skylar Burnworth. “FIT Bodywrap is dedicated to providing top-notch, result-driven products that suit our Certified Providers’ wants and needs. They spoke, we listened and this new color option is a product of that!”

The new FIT Bodywrap color system is available for pre-order to Certified Providers nationwide. For more information on FIT Bodywrap’s new products, contact FIT Bodywrap at 888-5FIT-NOW.



The FIT® Bodywrap system is recognized as the industry leader in far infrared thermowraps that provide maximum weight loss, pain relief and other therapeutic results to thousands of satisfied customers through installations in spas, tanning salons and medical practices. Founded by entrepreneurs Faraje Kharsa and Michel Mikse, FIT Bodywrap® is a privately held company headquartered in Poway, CA. For more information, visit or call 888-5FITNOW.