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FIT Bodywrap system

Turn even the smallest space into a sanctuary of warmth with the industry’s leading FAR infrared body wrap system.

The FIT Bodywrap works to detoxify the body, soothe aches and pains, speed muscle recovery, and boost metabolism. How? It’s simple – direct infrared heat! The FIT Bodywrap delivers the safest, most effective, and highest quality far infrared heat directly to the body, leading to a whole host of health benefits.

Even heat distribution

19 carbon fiber IR emitters for consistent distributed heat

Built to last

Military-grade temperature safety sensors


Ultra-low EMF & ELF technology


Manufactured to meet and exceed product safety standards


Constructed with non-absorbent, allergen free materials

Zone-based controller

Multi-zone-based keypad precisely controls temperature and timing

Low cost

Low operating costs per session, easy to operate and maintain


Lightweight, portable design for easy mobility

Natural. Safe. EFFECTIVE.

Direct Infrared - no gimmicks required

With so many infrared systems hitting the market, how has FIT Bodywrap managed to produce the most effective, reliable, and comfortable infrared system available for over a decade? It’s simple, by staying focused on what we do best; infrared.

How do we know we’re the best? Well, for starters, the FIT Bodywrap is the only commercial-grade system to deliver direct infrared heatwhich is far more effective and beneficial than the indirect infrared heat emitted by saunas and pods.

Sure, we could toss in aroma therapy, a shake plate, workout elements, and all sorts of other bells and whistles to fluff things up. But we are specialists and not generalists, we choose to stick to what we know and expertly craft a piece of equipment that does one thing flawlessly. The infrared produced by the FIT Bodywrap system is so powerful on its own it doesn’t need any gimmicks.  See how we compare.

When it comes to infrared heat therapy, the closer the body is to the heat source, the deeper the heat can penetrate and the more effective it will be.

Heat from the FIT Bodywrap can penetrate up to 1.5 inches into the body. How? Because we gave our system 19 flexible carbon fiber heating elements that contour to the body and encapsulate it in 360 degrees of luxurious, direct infrared heat.

Other IR systems, such as saunas and pods, have emitters that are located within the walls. Since the heat weakens as it travels through ambient air before reaching the body, sessions result in less effective, indirect infrared heat.

Time is precious. Offering your customers FIT Bodywrap sessions ensures that the time they spend with you is worthwhile.

Commercial quality Construction

FIT Bodywrap uses the latest technology and manufacturing methods to deliver a commercial grade system which can handle the most demanding usage levels.

Infrared Wraps

Built for consistent, even heat distribution.

  • Multi-layered to ensure even heat distribution, heat redirection, and cold spot elimination
  • Carbon fiber heating elements are energy efficient, heat consistently, are durable and flexible
  • Safely operates at 36V
  • Optional arm wraps for targeted treatment

FIT Controller

Easily adjustable temperature controls for a truly customizable experience.

  • Built-in surge protector
  • Resistors that prevent overheating
  • Can be operated with or without timing equipment (T-Max compatible)
  • Globally compatible power supply

Proven Results for your clients. Increased Revenue for your business.

Our goal is to make your customers happy by providing you with an effective service that delivers the best possible results. Why? Because caring about you means caring about your customers, too. We’re going to be partners after all, right? And when our partners look good, we look good. 

Are you ready to discover just how great of a partnership this will be?