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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Packages and Information

16 Point Inspection

  1. Zone Ports (x4): All four zone ports have their pins, housing and internal wiring are checked for anything that may compromise the integrity of the component 
  2. MOSFETs (x4): Each MOSFET is responsible for regulating the power to the associated zones. All four MOSFETs are inspected for wear or signs of heat buildup. 
  3. The Power port is inspected for damage and mount security. 
  4. The Dongle port is inspected for damage and mount security. 
  5. The Hour Board is inspected for damage and to ensure it is secure in its housing. 
  6. Power switch is inspected for damage and ensure it’s in proper working order. 
  7. Power supply: The power supply is inspected for general wear; the internal fan is functional and all leads are clean and secure 
  8. Fan: Ensure fan in functioning and free of obstruction. 
  9. Voltage regulators: Ensure regulators are secure and free of visible wear. 
  10. Buttons: All six buttons are tested in and out of the unit’s housing and are inspected for visual wear. 
  11. Displays: All three number displays are inspected for wear and tested for functionality. 
  12. CPU: The CPU and its housing inspected for security and visual wear. 
  13. Main Board: Inspected for wear, damage and debris; All contact points with ports and power supply inspected for integrity. 
  14. Shell: Inspected for major damage and structural integrity. (External cleaning included) 
  15. Wiring: ensure all wires are secure with their contact points, properly insulated and free of damage. 
  16. Controller is tested as a whole to ensure it is in proper working order. 

Disclaimer/Important Information

• Customer is responsible for shipping their controller to FIT and will be charged at checkout for the cost of shipment both ways. A shipping label will be sent to the account’s associated email after payment is made at checkout.

• Controllers must be packaged properly, any damages in transit will not be covered by FIT Bodywrap.

• If the controller is not in working order, it will need to be brought to factory default before it can be worked on. 

***Depending on the severity, additional charges may occur. The cost of any necessary parts or repairs will be the responsibility of the owner***

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Do NOT send the power cord or black dongle with your controller for upgrade.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced accessories upon return.