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Why You Should Offer an Infrared Body Wrap

Over the years, spa trends have come and gone, but infrared body wraps are here to stay. Because we are constantly learning, researching and creating, the beauty and wellness industry has come a long way in its ability to harness the power of infrared heat to deliver it to consumers. Infrared body wraps are one of the most effective full body treatments on the market today and because of their versatility they can be easily integrated into any service menu.

We know that when it comes to selecting spa services it’s vital to consider your clientele. Do you have what they are looking for?  It’s all about making consumers aware of the services you offer and then generating demand for those services. When you introduce an infrared body wrap to your facility, you open the doors to endless possibilities of servicing a variety of clients with health, wellness or beauty needs. Here’s why you need to offer therapeutic infrared services in your facility along with tips on how to make it work for you.

The Benefits of Infrared Heat

Did you know that infrared heat occurs naturally all around us? We can’t see the infrared rays as they are part of the invisible spectrum of light, but they are there! Infrared technology works by heating the body at a deep level to break up fats and toxins, alleviate aches and pains and increase circulation throughout the body. This process assists with skin rejuvenation as well, but, that’s not all it can do! Infrared heat also promotes calorie burn though the process of sweating, breaks up fats and toxins that are released through perspiration and bodily functions and promotes deep relaxation.

Adding an infrared body wrap to your treatment line up can greatly enhance the other beauty or therapeutic services you offer by helping your clients lose weight, manage their pain and improve their quality of life. Infrared technology has been proven effective to treat the symptoms of arthritis, joint pain and muscle spasms, in addition to sports-related injuries and more. A variety of benefits means your infrared body wrap can draw in an assortment of clients, their versatility makes them a no-brainer for almost any business model.

Infrared Body Wraps can Benefit a Variety of Clients

Revenue Generation

Don’t leave money on the table! Since an infrared body wrap can be provided as a full-service attended session or a DIY solo experience there are opportunities for business owners to generate higher revenues. Either way you look at it, the cost to run an infrared session is extremely low, and you don’t necessarily need extra staff to make it happen. For additional incremental revenue, you can also offer a pairing of retail items as an extra purchase that will enhance client results as well as your revenue. Many infrared body wrap manufacturers can provide you with details on the type of ROI you should expect, just ask!

Grow Your Clientele

Customers make our business-world go ‘round, and we haven’t spoken to a salon, spa or wellness center that doesn’t want more of them! When you offer a service that provides abundant benefits you are able to entice entirely new clients to try it out. Not only that, but you may start seeing all kinds of new guests that don’t come in for other services. Additionally, when you choose a well-known piece of equipment you become part of something SO much bigger! Partnering up with an industry leader will set you up for success and make integration easy as can be.

These are just a few reasons that offering an infrared body wrap in your facility can benefit your business, but most importantly your clients.

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