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Why Using the FIT Booster Spray Makes a Thermal Body Wrap More Effective

FIT Booster

When it comes to slimming and detoxifying body wrap systems, FIT© is clearly different. Not only is it the only infrared wrap to completely cover the body, it can be used in conjunction with the FIT Booster© spray. That results in more revenues for you and better results for your clients. Here’s why FIT Booster© is the key.

What’s in FIT Booster© Spray?

The proprietary FIT Booster© spray contains a group of patented ingredients that were hand-picked by FIT Bodywrap© owner and engineer Michel Mikse. This unique blend is comprised of natural ingredients such as herbs and caffeine along with plant-based formulations designed to provide a number of benefits. That’s a one-two punch that delivers results not found with any other infrared body wrap system. The aerosol spray can is specially designed to make it easy to be self-applied and cover the entire body. It even sprays in an upside down position!

What Does FIT Booster© Do?

For one thing, the FIT Booster© spray can make the results of a body wrap more pronounced in terms of slenderizing. This is accomplished by creating a barrier on the skin which could more efficiently allow absorption of the infrared heat and the breakdown of fat compounds. The body has to work harder, which creates more sweat and burns even more calories than normal. An added benefit is that the spray also is meant to inhibit the accumulation of new fat cells. But that’s not the only reason to use FIT Booster© spray with each session. Those special ingredients are formulated specifically to improve the appearance and structure of the skin. They are meant to function to stimulate the contraction of collagen fibers, increasing firmness and tone while reducing the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles. The reduction of cellulite helps your clients look slimmer instantly! The spray also has a deeply penetrating moisturizing effect, making the skin feel softer and cleaner while looking younger and more vibrant. The effects are often both immediate and long-term for many customers. Although we haven’t tested it yet, some customers use the FIT Booster© spray before exercising to increase the effectiveness of their workout.

Using FIT Booster© to Increase Revenue

When a client comes into your spa or salon for their first body wrap, we suggest that you include a 1 oz. trial size of FIT Booster© spray with their purchase. That way they can experience the remarkable results. When they show up for their next body wrap, sell them the 7 oz. size, which allows you to generate additional revenue in your business. We recommend that all salon and spa employees suggest the purchase of FIT Booster© spray with every body wrap session because it increases the effectiveness. It’s an easy sell! FIT Booster© is unique in the industry and a key component in the unmatched effectiveness of the FIT Bodywrap® system.

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