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Why Consider an Infrared Sauna for a Gym Business?

There are benefits for owners and clients to consider adding infrared sauna to a gym business. The innovative technologies of the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna allow any size business to expand their client services. The FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna requires a small financial investment which offers a continuous new revenue stream for gym businesses. 

The pioneering FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna checks all the boxes for any size gym. This infrared sauna for the gym requires a small footprint and a limited affordable electrical circuit upgrade. It has never been easier to add an infrared sauna to a gym business. The complete FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna system costs less than half of a single piece of gym equipment. 

Clients who try the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna can purchase the branded FIT Lotion and Sprays , an additional no-work revenue stream for gyms. 

The Business Benefits of Adding an Infrared Sauna to a Gym 

The bottom-line benefits of adding an infrared sauna to a gym business requires a limited investment for a continuous new revenue stream. The addition of an infrared sauna to a gym business instantly expands the services and opens the opportunity to attract a diverse client base. 

Those that enjoy the gym experience will be attracted to the finishing touches that an infrared sauna offers post workout. The infrared sauna in a gym business will welcome in a new clientele whose interests go beyond strength training, such those who concentrate on yoga, dance, and other exercises. It will also attract those who want to experience the health benefits of an infrared sauna in a convenient location.  

Increasing revenue streams is challenging for gyms of all sizes. Now even the personalized gym with customized personalized training sessions and small spaces can offer a new service that is affordable and in demand. 

The 7 Client Benefits of Adding an Infrared Sauna to a Gym

Clients using the gym for intense strength training and building muscle mass will gravitate to the infrared sauna at the gym. The benefits of using infrared saunas post workout includes:

  1. Muscle Recovery – According to a study published in ScienceDirect, the use of sauna post workout, “mimics physiological and protective responses induced during exercise.” 
  2. Preserves Muscle Mass – The ScienceDirect study also noted that sauna use is protective against sarcopenia, age related loss of muscle mass and strength. Finishing off a workout with the body enveloping infrared sauna of FIT Bodywrap is a great combination for strength and conditioning. 
  3. Promotes Continuing Calorie Burning – During the Post workout period an infrared sauna session in the gym can enhance the continues calorie burning achieved during the workout. 
  4. Continues Workout Perspiration – A post workout sauna session will boost the sweating process, thereby flushing out toxins from the blood that increased during the workout.
  5. Cardiovascular – The infrared sauna at a gym is a post workout essential that will maintain the heart rate and raise the core body temperature. It opens the blood vessels and aids in regulating blood pressure.
  6. Fights Inflammation – Exercise and sauna work in similar ways to promote anti-inflammatory responses.
  7. Releases Toxics – For new clients and regular clients the infrared sauna session at a gym is a passive way to relax and sweat out the toxins in the blood. The relaxation and release of toxins are beneficial to healthy lifestyles. 

An Infrared Sauna for a Gym Business can Expand Services and Increase the Bottomline  

Any size gym business can add the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna in weeks with an affordable initial investment in equipment and installation. The system requires a small floor footprint, minimal training time and contains the innovative 4 zone temperature control for client comfort and satisfaction.

FAQ about Infrared Sauna for a Gym Business

  1. How does an infrared sauna fit into a gym’s space and budget?

    Requires a small footprint and a modest electrical upgrade, making it feasible for gyms of all sizes.

  2. Can gyms sell additional products with the infrared sauna?

    Yes, gyms can sell branded lotions and sprays, creating an effortless revenue stream.

  3. How does an infrared sauna appeal to gym clients?

    Enhances post-workout recovery, promotes muscle preservation, and continues calorie burning.

  4. What are the specific benefits for clients using an infrared sauna after workouts?

    Muscle recovery, preservation of muscle mass, continued calorie burning, detoxification, cardiovascular benefits, inflammation reduction, and toxin release.

  5. How does the infrared sauna benefit cardiovascular health post-workout?

    Maintains heart rate, raises core body temperature, opens blood vessels, and helps regulate blood pressure.

  6. Can adding an infrared sauna help in attracting new types of gym members?

    Yes, it attracts members interested in yoga, dance, and those seeking health benefits in a convenient location.

  7. Is the installation of an infrared sauna complicated?

    No, it requires minimal training for operation and a simple installation process.

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