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Why Client Testimonials Are Important

When it comes down to it, the success of any business (big or small) depends heavily on experiences that are often shared through word of mouth. When making a purchase or deciding where to eat, shop, etc., the first thing we tend to do is conduct research on customer reviews and testimonials. Right? Client testimonials can be highly valuable to you and your business because it can help strengthen your reputation and attract deeper interest from prospective customers.

Here are our top 3 reasons why client testimonials are important:

You’re not trying to make a sale. Testimonials can help build trust between your business and future clients without the typical “sales pitch.” Let’s face it; everyone hates being sold, and testimonials can provide your customers the opportunity to rave about your business in their own, unbiased way. And voilà, you just closed a sale!

You develop brand ambassadors. Unlike promotional and sales materials, testimonials aren’t fluffed with marketing lingo, but rather made up of words used by people just like you and me. Think about it; they come directly from the customer. Relatable and easy-to-understand language written by your very own customers can benefit your business and attract new customers.

Testimonials make great marketing material. Embed client testimonials on your website, social media pages or any marketing material for everyone to see! This can come in handy when prospective customers are conducting research about your company. If the first thing they happen to see are good reviews, they’re halfway through your door.

Testimonials provide a third person objective without seeming overly promotional. It allows for your customer to speak on behalf of your brand, which can help with your brand reputation. Client testimonials can be a worthy investment, so encourage your customers to provide their own testimonials on your website, social media or even during their visit.
For examples of testimonials on FIT Bodywrap, click here.

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