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What is the FIT Bodywrap System Warranty?

You have just purchased your FIT Bodywrap system and while reviewing the terms of your purchase or speaking with a FIT Bodywrap representative you come across some information on the “Warranty Period”. Wait a minute, what does this mean? Most purchased equipment comes with a warranty and we agree, it can be a bit confusing to read through the legal jargon and get a clear picture of what your warranty entails. Here at FIT we highly value education and want to make sure our Certified Providers understand everything available to them, including the warranties provided!

What type of warranty does a FIT Bodywrap System come with?

Let’s jump right in! With the purchase of your FIT Bodywrap system, FIT Bodywrap provides a limited manufacturer’s warranty. This means that your equipment will be free from manufacturers defects for one year. There are two types of warranties provided; one for the controller and one for the body wrap and arm wraps.

What is the controller warranty?

FIT Bodywrap states that your controller is to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.  Your controller is where the bulk of your investment lies and there are Certified Providers that have had their controller installed and running successful sessions for years! If something happens, don’t worry! In most cases, repairs can be done on controllers. As a service to our Certified Providers FIT Bodywrap has a repair technician at our headquarters. If you suspect a repair is needed it is best to contact technical support, walk through troubleshooting if needed and a FIT Bodywrap representative will then walk you through the next steps! We take repairs seriously and know that they need to be done in a timely manner, our team will advise you on the quickest and most effective way to get the repair done. It is also important to note that all warranty repairs and service must be performed by FIT Bodywrap.

What is the Body Wrap and Arm Wrap warranty? The Body Wrap and Arm Wraps come with a one-year pro-rated warranty. A pro-rated warranty is necessary because, similar to a light bulb, over time your body wrap and arm wraps will need to be replaced. Staying up to date on replacements will contribute to happy clients that are seeing great results. Our warranty was created to assist you with the cost of replacements by offering a discount for replacements purchased within the first year. If your wraps have passed the one-year mark but still need to be replaced, no problem, that’s where FIT Care comes in handy! Click Here to learn about the maintenance of your FIT Bodywrap system.

 Are there any exclusions?

It is not uncommon for equipment to be subject to warranty exclusions. Once the system is installed in your facility and usage begins it is necessary that you understand what’s covered and what may not be. Exclusions include accidents like someone spilling their water bottle on the controller, a client or team member mishandling the equipment, alterations, improper installation or corrective work that was done by anyone other than a FIT Bodywrap authorized service technician. Here at FIT Bodywrap we understand that warranty coverage is valuable and we are here to answer your questions about your coverage. For more details on the FIT Bodywrap warranty or to find out if your equipment is covered get in touch with us.


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Do NOT send the power cord or black dongle with your controller for upgrade.

We are not responsible for lost or misplaced accessories upon return.