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What is the cost of an infrared wrap system?

Infrared is trending

Investing in your business and offering your clients the best services is important and necessary for growth. Infrared, one of the fastest growing trends in the wellness market, is popping up in a wide range of businesses from boutique spas and luxury fitness studios, to wellness centers and salons. 

Infrared is said to be a favorite of the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston, who specifically uses infrared treatments to wind-down after a workout. Gwyneth Paltrow has also written extensively about its benefits.

It is reported that globally, infrared alone is estimated to be a $75-million market which is “growing rapidly,” according to a report published in the Canadian Family Physician, the official journal of The College of Family physicians of Canada.

Frequented by celebrities from the East coast to the West, are high-end sweat spas or sweat lodges, companies who offer solely infrared body wraps or saunas. Other salons, spas and centers can offer a similar experience to their customers, making an in-demand treatment adored by celebrities much more accessible. As this popularity grows, you can expect customers to start looking for infrared treatments in their area.

When in the market for an infrared system there are many factors to consider. Aside from cost, the quality of the product, safety features and support offered should all be top priorities.

Not all infrared systems are created equal

Infrared is derived from heat, and when used to treat the body, this heat will raise core temperature, triggering the body to sweat. For this reason alone, the FIT Bodywrap system is constructed with non-absorbent materials to insure a sanitary experience. The non-absorbent material used is designed to withstand continued commercial use and is equipped with many safety features and failure prevention measures.

The quality of materials is very important, some units that are marketed as professional or commercial might be made of material that cannot be effectively sanitized. For an infrared system to be considered commercial grade, it should be made of a non-absorbent material that can be easily cleaned. It should also be able to withstand consistent use day in and day out.

The FIT controller allows for a fully customized session with four zone-based heat controls. Other wrap systems only have between one and three zones, which limits the amount of customization and detracts from the overall customer experience.

It is imperative that business owners ensure that the wrap they select has built-in safety sensors, as not doing so could be a huge liability.

For a combination of safety and longevity, the FIT Bodywrap system has a conversion for power input from 110V down to 36V. This means that only 36V of electricity are running through the wrap at a time. Not only does the FIT system convert the voltage, but it also has a temperature safety switch to prevent dangerously high or sudden rises in temperature. Most infrared wrap systems on the market deliver over 100V of power throughout the whole wrap without safety switches. Safety sensors, however, prevent the wrap from catching on fire or even electrocuting the user if something goes wrong. It is imperative that business owners ensure that the wrap they select has built-in safety sensors, as not doing so could be a huge liability.

Competing infrared systems provide little to no training or support for business owners and their staff. Any additional training or support can often cost upwards of $500.00 for cookie-cutter programs that are not custom tailored to each business.

After the purchase of a FIT Bodywrap system, a Customer Success Specialist is assigned to each account to work with the business owner and staff to fully integrate the FIT Bodywrap into their business. Our Customer Success Specialists offer guidance by providing tips for launching the new service with promotions and options to entice new and existing clientele. 

FIT aligns itself as a partner with our customers to ensure success. For this reason, we offer complimentary initial and ongoing training as part of the “FIT Experience.”

Competing infrared systems have little to no training and support provided for business owners and their staff. Any training and support that is offered will cost an additional cost that can run up to $500.00 for non-tailored training.

Weighing your options

It is important to be sure you’re purchasing from a credible source. Asking the right questions and receiving much-needed support after the sale is key to ensuring your success with your new infrared system.

Commercial use infrared systems can range in cost from $2,000 to over $12,000+. When it comes to your business, what will be the deciding factor?

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