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What is an Infrared Body Wrap?

So you’ve discovered the powerful benefits of body wraps, but maybe you’re still unsure of how FIT Bodywrap is different from the rest. If you’re used to at home body wraps or DIY types, then you may even be more skeptical of the value of body wraps. However, Fit Bodywrap offers the safest and most effective form of focused heat therapy. To help you understand what an Infrared Bodywrap is, we will break down everything that’s going on.

Body wraps

The body wraps at FIT offer more safety features and better results than home use wraps. For a full rundown check out how we compare here. Bodywraps offer a natural way to break a sweat and take advantage of benefits like weight loss, detoxification, and pain relief.

Infrared Technology

FIT Bodywrap has had the most effective, reliable, and comfortable infrared sauna wrap system for over a decade, and it’s all because we stay focused on infrared. Thermal therapy has been traced back to ancient civilizations and has been widely studied. Infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a spectrum of light radiation; it’s considered non-harmful and natural radiation. There are three different types of infrared heat. At FIT Bodywrap, we focus on far-infrared heat which penetrates the body deeply. We offer a closer heat source which means deeper heat penetration to the body and thus greater benefits. Read more about the science behind infrared.

Putting the Pieces Together

So basically, infrared body wraps are about amplifying the power of a typical body wrap with infrared technology in order to gain more benefits. Of course, we offer our customers only the best which means an upgraded bodywrap that surpasses home wraps and competitors. Our infrared body wraps are built with flexible carbon fiber heating elements which allow them to contour to the body for 360 degrees of encapsulating far infrared heat. This experience isn’t just a luxurious opportunity to relax, but also will deliver amazing benefits.

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