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Ways To Capitalize On Your FIT Bodywrap System Over the Holidays

If you’ve got a FIT® Bodywrap system installed in your tanning salon or chiropractic or physical therapy practice, then you’ve got an excellent opportunity to make a nice profit this holiday season. Here’s a few tips to help you capitalize on the body wrap craze when consumers are ready to spend – and then relax.

Gift Certificates

The easiest way to make your FIT® Bodywrap system more profitable is by offering gift certificates for a set number of sessions or months’ worth of body wraps. ’Tis the season to give unique and practical gifts and what fits the bill better than body wraps to slim, tone, detoxify and soften the skin? Anyone who is a current customer of your salon or practice who has used the FIT® system is sure to want to share the benefit. Advertise the fact that you have gift certificates available for sale daily and prominently by posting on your social media pages, running a Groupon offer and sticking a POS piece at your registration desk. You may also want to consider sending out an email piece with healthy holiday gift giving ideas to your database.

Newsletter Advertising

Another way to profit from your FIT® Bodywrap system this holiday season is by advertising it as a great way to fit into a tight party dress or undo the effects of a night indulging in fattening foods and alcohol. Amid all the stress and partying of the holiday season, there’s no better time to relax and detoxify in a FIT® Bodywrap. Your clients will certainly thank you for reminding them of this fact and the perfect way to do so is in your monthly newsletter, which can be delivered either in print or digitally. Have a stack of them printed and placed around your waiting room and reception desk, too, so customers are encouraged to read it while waiting.

Joint Ventures

Now is the perfect time to consider a joint venture with another business which is complementary to yours. Do you know the owner of a store in the mall that sells fitness equipment or athletic shoes? Why not ask them if you can slip a promotional piece in every shopping bag that leaves their store? Frazzled shoppers are sure to love the idea of relaxing with a FIT® Bodywrap after leaving the mall or finishing up their shopping by purchasing a few body wrap gift certificates. In exchange for this privilege, you can offer a free session to the business owner and store employees. The holiday season is here and there’s no reason you and your FIT® Bodywrap system shouldn’t profit from it! Use these ideas and more to help your business earn a bit of extra revenue between now and the new year, when sales typically skyrocket. Visit this page for more ways to profit with FIT.

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