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Topical Body Wraps VS. Infrared Body Wraps

Body wraps are an essential in many spas and wellness centers. Though not all wraps are created equal, many promote benefits such as toning, tightening, inch loss, weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and more. Some are topical and others use heat, like infrared body wraps. Why are we comparing a topical wrap to an infrared wrap? Well, we hear from customers frequently who have tried both topical and infrared body wraps, as well as those who want to know how the two wrap types compare to each other. To answer these questions and provide you with some background on how each of the wraps works we’ve put together a comparison. Keep in mind, infrared body wraps are different because, well, they use infrared heat. Others often utilize compression, herbs and topical products to wrap the body. Is it bad? No. Different? Yes. Here’s why.

Topical Wraps

topical body wraps

Losing weight, toning and tightening the body can require a bit of help. Dropping pounds and embracing a lifestyle change can be difficult, but do topical wraps really work? And if so, how? We did some research, spoke with a few people who’ve tried them and though we may be a teensy bit bias, here’s what we discovered. Some of the popular topical wraps are made up of a botanical cream formula that can provide skin rejuvenating benefits like toning, tightening, firming and cellulite reduction. Once applied to the tummy, legs or arms, these wraps are left on for about 45 minutes, though many leave them on while sleeping or working. Avid users often tightly wrap their body (primarily the stomach) with a wrap that is covered in ingredients like: green tea leaf extract, Ivy leaf extract, horse chestnut seed, jojoba seed, butchers broom root extract and more. Those who have used these type of wraps have reported highly mixed reviews and many feel they do not see a change at all. Applying a topical wrap to the body may provide temporary results in the appearance of the skin as well as temporary inch-loss due to compression. Don’t get us wrong, temporary results might be desirable for a day of event, but not for long-term, lasting changes to the body. But, what about those that do feel they notice lasting results? For those that do claim results, are they due to the recommended lifestyle changes such as drinking more water, watching what you eat and staying active? It’s hard to say.

Infrared Body Wraps

Infrared Body wraps

If you’re looking for real, long-term results, infrared body wrap sessions really take the cake. Infrared heat is not new, far from it! Because it is natural and comes from the sun as well as all warm-blooded animals it has been used to aid humans with health and wellness for centuries. The FIT Bodywrap system has been an effective way to expose people to infrared heat for nearly a decade. This means we’ve seen the trends comes and go (we’ve even tried some ourselves!) and we know that infrared, and the FIT Bodywrap system is safe, effective and results driven. Taking part in regular infrared sessions can help you attain a sleeker figure with more than just topical products. Our Clinical Director, Dr. Aaron Flickstein explains, “Raising your core temperature during infrared sessions can induce 3-5 times more sweat than exercise can produce and it requires a lot of calories (0.586 calories (kcal) per gram of sweat) to pump out said sweat.” This indicates that many more calories are being burned with infrared than during even the most intense forms of exercise. “Additionally, infrared sweat is unique with 15-20% of the volume being melted fat, plus dissolved cholesterol and toxins versus 3-5% from normal sweat,” clarifies Flickstein. But, body wraps can be about more than just weight loss! With infrared you can achieve a lot more. Infrared heat has been studied and utilized for centuries to heat the body at a deep level and ease aches and pains and increase circulation throughout the body. This soothing heat can assist with skin rejuvenation as well, but, there’s more. Infrared heat also promotes calorie burn though the process of sweating, it breaks up fats and toxins that are released through perspiration as well as bodily functions and it promotes deep relaxation by lowering cortisol levels.

Can someone use both wraps?

Yes, and we’ve heard from those who have! Our advice, use them on different days. Fitness is a lifestyle and some people find that using a combination of different techniques works well. For others, sticking with one effective option is best. Decide if you are looking for a short-term temporary option or a long-term solution. Then, choose one or choose a combination! Either way, improving your wellness is a good thing.

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