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Top Business Quotes from Our Certified Providers

Our customers are great! From tanning salon owners to chiropractors to managers of spas and wellness centers, our eclectic group of Certified Providers are not only successful, they don’t mind sharing best practice tips and the most effective ways they’ve found to market the FIT Bodywrap® with other business owners. Here, we’ve compiled a list here of some of their best advice.

On people:

“I believe in having the best people in the business working for me because that’s all I can really control. I can get a great location and offer a great product, but if I have terrible employees, I’m not going to be successful. The key to success is hiring the best people I can find, coaching them and training them to be leaders. I attract the best talent in the industry. That’s why my seven stores do so well.” – Matt Stracner, owner of 7 iTan franchises

“When we first got the FIT Bodywrap© system, we offered it for free to three of our regular clients who agreed we could take pictures of their progress. We use those pictures to show proven results on real people. We let them know this is the only system that targets your entire body and that it works better than other brands.” – David Ross, owner of X-Treme Tan

On profitability:

“I have the [FIT Bodywrap] system now in every store. In fact, my first store is the smallest one. It only had six tanning rooms. When I saw how great sales were in the other salons, I finally took out a UV tanning bed from that first salon and put in the FIT Bodywrap system instead because it makes more money than a tanning bed. We can sell one session for $99.” – Matt Stracner, owner of 7 iTan franchises

“I got the second machine after three months, which shows how big the supply and demand is for this product! I have seen different figures every month. But it brings in a good $6,000 to $10,000 a month. If you are pushing your business by showing pictures and having a social media presence, that’s what makes your business. I have made up to $25,000 in body wraps in a month’s time but I can rely on $6,000 to $10,000 each month that I get from sales of monthly packages that include the FIT Booster spray.” – Kristen Haga, owner of Sunkissed Tanning

On marketing:

“My salons are membership based. We sell monthly memberships we call the Sun, Spray, Spa package for $99 a month. Clients come in to tan or spray and if they have an interest in getting a body wrap, they upgrade to the top membership tier. They can either do one body wrap session for $99 or get unlimited services with the top membership tier. That’s a great way to increase membership revenue each month. This also provides continuity because clients keep coming back again and again once they are members.” – Matt Stracner, owner of 7 iTan franchises

“I have monthly unlimited session packages that allows a customer two weeks of unlimited use. I also offer specials of 50% off the first month’s rate and $10 Tuesdays, which gives the customer their first body wrap for only $10. That has brought in 3,000 clients! I also run random specials when business dips, anything to get people in the door.” – Kristen Haga, owner of Sunkissed Tanning

“We run regular online deals for a very short amount of time – 15 days or so. These give us a lot of traction in attracting new clients. But we also focus on providing special deals to our current members, such as occasional half off specials.” – David Ross, owner of X-Treme Tan

On motivation:

“You are self employed so you make your own paycheck. You determine if your salary is high or low and your dedication will show. I’m 19 years old selling this machine and if people believe me, anyone can do it. If you can’t, you need to step your game up. And tanning salon owners – if you have 20 pounds to lose, get that weight off and promote yourself! That’s an easy way to start a conversation and spread the word.” – Kristen Haga, owner of Sunkissed Tanning

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