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Top 5 Tips to Help Clients Stay Motivated During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a tough time to stay fit, but there are lots of ways to stay fit during the holidays. Sure, the eggnog and gingerbread cookies may cause a bit of a distraction, but it’s important to help clients stay on track and keep off the holiday weight during the season of overindulgence. Here are our top 5 tips you can share with clients to help them stay fit (or even lose a few pounds) this holiday season:

Commit to early workouts. The holidays are a time of family commitments, so put in a good workout early in the morning. That way, you have the entire day to commit to holiday festivities. Remember, the only bad workouts are the ones that didn’t happen.

Book your FIT Bodywrap® appointments in advance. Let’s face it; every year we’re either speeding off to pick up last-minute gifts or taking care of errands before guests arrive. Encourage clients to book their FIT Bodywrap® sessions ahead of time. That way, they can stay on track with their fitness and wellness regime while taking care of holiday business.

Be a picky eater. Often times people eat food merely due to the fact that, well, it’s there. Be selective about what foods you put on your plate. Choose your indulgences carefully, as you may pay the price once you start to notice your pants fitting a little tighter than usual.

Get a partner involved. The holiday season should be shared with your loved ones, so what better way to stay fit than recruiting a friend or family member to do it with you? It’ll help you stay motivated and is a great way to bond while staying in tip-top shape during the holidays.

Detox with FIT Bodywrap®. Sure, you may have eaten one too many cupcakes and drank a bit too much wine, but don’t let the guilt turn into holiday weight gain. Although you are staying active, it’s important to detox and eliminate the toxins in your body to help with your ability to maintain optimum health and cleanse your body from the junk foods you may have consumed.

Join us in beating the holiday weight gain this season with our top tips on staying on track. No more stressing about packing on pounds this holiday season, but rather focus on staying fit and healthy with these tips to help keep the weight off.

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