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Top 5 Delicious Healthy Smoothies

Food trends come and go, but the healthy smoothie is here to stay! Getting your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables can be a challenge sometimes, so whipping up a healthy smoothie can be a quick and easy fix. Smoothies make it possible to eat healthy and delicious at the same time! There’s a smoothie recipe for just about any diet or lifestyle goals ranging from detoxification, weight loss, building muscle and more. We’ve compiled the top 5 yummiest healthy smoothies to help you meet your personal health and “FIT” goals with a delicious punch of flavor. Enjoy!

The Detox Smoothie
Scratch everything you have ever thought about liquid detoxes, and grab your blender! A detox smoothie can be made with good flavor and great nutrients to help your body get rid of unnecessary toxins and fight-free radicals. Our favorite “Berry Breakfast” from Prevention Magazine combines detoxifying enzymes and ginger for proper digestion. Full recipe here.

The Weight Loss Smoothie
What’s your best kept weight loss secret? According to PopSugar, a weight loss smoothie can be the key to shedding off extra pounds. A smoothie can combine all the meal nutrition you need with protein and fiber until your next meal. Adding protein powder is a simple trick to sneak in the necessary nutrients, but our all-natural favorite is chia seeds that kick up the thickness, protein and fiber to fill you up longer. Full recipes here.

The Muscle Smoothie
Taste test alert! The writers at Men’s Fitness Magazine promise to help us say goodbye to chalky, protein drinks that help build muscle, and hello to high protein mixtures with strong flavor. Our must-try recipe is called Peaches & Cream. It combines the sweet flavor of peaches with greek yogurt. Full recipe here.

The Belly Buster Smoothie
It’s a well-known fact that abs are made in the kitchen! Shape Magazine found the perfect recipe to fight belly fat and debloat. A combination of fruits including blueberries and pineapples, this recipe includes kale that you won’t be able to taste. Full recipe here.

The Perfect Skin Smoothie
Now you can drink your way into beauty! Water is a simple way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated but sometimes we need to kick the flavor up a notch. Total Beauty uses healthy fats from hemp seeds and coconut water to hydrate from the inside out. Full recipe here.

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