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Top 3 Advantages of Unattended VS Attended Body Wraps

The spa market is vast and while there are do’s and don’ts of the industry, business owners have tons of options when it comes to the types of services offered. Services such as a massage, facial or manicure require a licensed provider to perform them. Then, there are services such as infrared body wraps that don’t require a licensed technician, yet they are used by licensed service providers as well. A body wrap service offers flexibility to your business; they allow you to choose if you’d like to provide attended sessions, unattended sessions or both. We’ve seen successful business owner offer their body wraps in a variety of ways, and if you’re wondering how you can easily integrate a wrap into your business this blog explains 3 of the advantages for each side.

Unattended Session Top 3 Advantages

  1. Privacy. This is especially important for clients who feel uncomfortable receiving a massage or body treatment that requires hands-on touch. Because the client will be relaxing in solitude, it’s the perfect opportunity to make their session all about them. Perhaps they listen to their favorite tunes or partake in another form of entertainment you have available within your facility. Because clients can easily administer the body wrap themselves, there are very little labor costs for the spa or salon. Clean up is simple and some clients will relish in the fact that they can adjust the body wrap to their personal preference all in the privacy of their own room without an attendant present.
  2. Low-Labor Costs. Unattended body wrap sessions don’t require extra labor. It is a requirement that they are thoroughly sanitized after each session, so yes, you will need an employee. However, the employee will be able to multitask and utilize their time for other responsibilities all while the customer simply enjoys their session in the other room. This is kind of like the cleanup procedure you do after any other service.
  3. Easy Add-On. Offering an unattended service is the perfect add-on to your attended services. What do we mean? Imagine this scenario, you have 3 massage therapists working, they’re all booked, but have openings in an hour or so. Then, a walk-in guest strolls through the door and they want to get started right away. This is the perfect opportunity to start them off with a body wrap while they wait for their massage. Another plus? Infrared body wraps are an excellent add-on to body work services because they can relax, soothe sore muscles and receive wellness benefits such as detoxification, skin rejuvenation, lowered cortisol levels, cellulite reduction and even weight loss. A body wrap is also easily integrated into spa packages, and as you’ll see below, it’s an easy transition if you decide you’d like to offer attended sessions instead.

Attended Session Top 3 Advantages

  1. Personal Touch. If your business philosophy was born with a hands-on experience in mind, offering your infrared body wrap as an attended service may work best. How is it attended? You may choose to have a massage therapist combine an infrared wrap with a massage or you may simply have them perform a scalp massage while the client is wrapped. Pairing up services this way creates the perfect sensory and luxury experiences for your client. It also provides them with the opportunity to achieve multiple wellness goals in one visit to your facility. Make them feel amazing and they’ll absolutely be back.
  2. Focus on Specific Benefits with Packages. Because infrared body wraps can provide a long list of benefits they are great additions to benefit specific packages. This could mean you include a pairing of two services or even multiple services at once. For instance, if a client comes in with flawless skin in mind you can provide them with a facialand a wrap. This way all their skin from head to toe is taken care of at your facility. Your client will feel perfectly pampered and they’ll be hooked on the new skin care regimen you introduced them to.
  3. Relationship Building. Clients come and go, but they will always remember the way you made them feel. Attended sessions don’t have to include a massage, facial or body scrub. Perhaps your attended session consists of an attendant providing water, chilled towels, adjusting the body wrap temperature and keeping the client company. Engaging in conversation with your guest, while they are wrapping is the best way to understand their needs and upsell other services or packages.

Have you noticed a theme of versatility and profitability? Infrared body wraps are the picture-perfect addition to your service menu because they can be offered both ways. Want to create an infrared wrap and a mini facial package? We’ve got you covered. Want to allow your clients to enjoy wellness services that they control and manage on their own? We can do that, too. Both attended and unattended sessions will draw in a new clientele and grow your revenue. Additionally, they can become part of your signature spa treatment offerings, assisting you with separating yourself from the competition.

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