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Top 10 Oddest Weight Loss Gadgets

In our quest to lose weight, seems there isn’t anything we won’t try – at least once! Take a look at these weird weight loss gadgets. Would you try something like this to lose a few pounds?

1. The Bite Counter

How many times do you sit down and mindlessly put food into your mouth without really being hungry? Most of us snack without even being aware of how many calories we are consuming. A little device you wear on your wrist like a watch called the Bite Counter will keep track of how many times you put something into your mouth based on wrist roll motion patterns. It’s a pedometer for eating!

2. HAPIfork

Eating too fast means you are more likely to consume more food. Need to slow down the pace of your bites? Try using the hefty utensil called a HAPIfork, which tracks how long it takes you to eat a meal and sends a signal via vibration to let you know it’s time to slow things down.

3. Tongue Patch

Another way to eat less is by adding a small patch to your tongue. It’s made out of polyethylene mesh and it gets sewed to your tongue (yikes!), thus making it painful to take a bit of food. The idea is that you will resort to eating liquids instead of solids and thus lose weight; it stays in place for a month. Sounds a bit drastic, doesn’t it?

4. Food Goggles

Just like too many beers before closing time makes all the people in the bar look attractive, these special glasses make any food look bigger and smell like chocolate. This is supposed to make you feel as if you ate a big slice of chocolate cake or a mega-size candy bar rather than a carrot stick.

5. & 6. Food Tubes

This one is actually two gadgets. One of them, AspireAssist, is a tube that goes into your stomach and then drains away the food you eat directly into the toilet. The other is called the K-E Diet. It involves putting a tube in your nose that goes straight to your stomach. All you have to do is add a solution of protein, fat and water to the nasogastric tube in order to receive your nutrients. After a few hours, your body is triggered to burn fat in response to a lack of carbohydrates, a process called ketosis.

7. The SlimCapsule

This is not a FIT Bodywrap© system! It is a pod device (claustrophobics – no need to try this one!) that you lay in after slathering yourself with cellulite cream and slipping into a plastic suit. You are likely to lose weight – but you will gain it right back because it is mostly water weight loss.

8. Hula Chair

Want to work out while you sit around watching TV? Then add a Hula Chair to your living room furnishings. The seat swivels vigorously when you sit in it. This is supposed to help you lose those extra inches around your middle, but it’s unlikely you’ll lose more than your lunch.

9. Imaginary LAP Band

Want the benefits of LAP Band surgery without the recovery time? Just imagine you’ve had gastric bypass surgery. Some hypnotists will put you under and make you believe you’ve had the surgery by walking you through the entire procedure. Supposedly the results are the same – eating less.

10. iGallop Stool

Similar to the Hula Chair, but odder looking, the iGallop stool has a small saddle to sit on and a loop to hang on to when you turn the contraption to “go”. It is supposed to simulate the movement of a horse, thus targeting your core muscles as you struggle to stay on.

FIT Bodywrap© is Weight Loss That Works

Why try any of these strange gadgets if you want to lose weight? Stick with tried-and-true methods, such as the FIT Bodywrap© system. It actually works by making your body sweat and to do that, you have to burn calories. It’s safe and comfortable and unlike these fads, body wraps will be around for a long time to come, delivering the results you want.

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