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Tools to Drive Sales

Here at FIT we’re all about strategically adding the right tools into our business to achieve stronger sales, more effective communication and top of the line service. Now, the tools you need may not be hammers, duct tape and screwdrivers, but it can still be extremely helpful to have your own metaphorical toolbox. As per usual, we’ve put a list together (we like lists, they satisfy our need to get things done!) of tools that can be used to drive your sales.

The Phone

Yup, you’ve already got the first tool you need to drive sales! The phone is a way for clients to call in, ask questions, book appointments and in some cases make purchases.  Speaking with clients on the phone is a huge part of daily operations and making sure you have a great phone system is just as important as having a great receptionist. Clients should be able to leave a voicemail as well as call on multiple lines because each call you miss may be a missed opportunity! If your team can answer the phone within 3 rings, the client on the other end may feel more taken care of. Coach your team on how you’d like them to speak with clients over the phone and keep it consistent shop.

Text campaigns have assisted many salons and spas with generating revenues and tools like Tatango can help.  Since 2007 Tatango has been a leader in SMS (text) campaign software and they have been involved in many nationally recognized campaigns. One of their recent case studies showcases a case study about a tanning salon in Seattle that, in 30 days generated nearly $200,000 in revenue by creating an enticing offer to capture what they called “Mobile VIP Club subscribers” with $20 off their next service. Talk about an offer a customer can’t refuse!

Track Your Efforts

How will you know if your campaign or promotion was successful if you don’t keep track of it?! When we speak with super successful business owners they are able to share specific statistics from their marketing efforts. This is how they learn what works, what doesn’t and come up with ideas in the process.

Programs like Vagaro can assist business owners with marketing, booking, deal promotion, email marketing and even a website so that customers can check you out as they please! Vagaro’s website explains that they do offer reporting features to make tracking a piece of cake!

Follow Up

When a guest makes a big purchase or buys a package do you contact them a few days later to see how they’re doing and answer any questions that may have come up? If we want to turn the majority of our clients into loyal advocates it’s important that we reward their loyalty. This can be done with a phone call, email or, even better, in the form of a postcard that offers them a free gift with their next purchase or something along those lines. Keep in mind, postcard campaigns may need to be repeated a few times to see results. If at first you don’t succeed, just try again! If you don’t have a place that you frequent to print these items check out Vistaprint. They offer a wide selection of customizable items such as postcards, brochures, signs, posters and one of their most popular items, business cards. It can be a great idea to make sure that your team members have their own business cards to hand out to clients, this can create a connection between your staff and clients and that alone can boost sales.

Each time we learn about a new tool we take a look at how it can work for us and we suggest you do the same. That being said, don’t overcomplicate it. If you have a tool similar to the ones listed above and it’s working for you, keep on doing what you’re doing. We’ll keep providing you with helpful tips to drive sales and ensure your success.

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