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Tips for Creating a Relaxing Environment for Clients

Are you a relaxation guru? As a wellness business owner, you are a creator and provider of relaxation. Clients know this, and they come to you seeking your expertise to improve their well being. Both you and your clients want the same thing, an peaceful, calm and positive environment in which reflective, almost meditative moments are born.  So, how do you craft the perfect environment for breeding tranquility? The vibes clients receive from your business and team can make or break their visits with you. So, here are our tried and true tips. Let’s begin with you.

Your Energy and Wellness

Have you ever been around a stressed or anxiety ridden individual only to find you begin to feel stressed too? It’s human nature to pick up on the emotions of others, so if you as a business owner or service provider are relaxed, calm and grounded you can help your client get there as well. Wellness services often involve hands-on touch. Believe it or not, your energy transfers to others during this process and what should be a relaxing massage can quickly feel awkward if your energy is out of whack. Treat yourself kindly and take care of your needs before and after you leave your business. If you cannot care for yourself how can you care for others?

Creating a Comforting Ambiance

The client experience should not solely rely on the spa service they are receiving, though an excellent service is of course central. It’s all in the details. When clients arrive for services how are they greeted? Are they offered a beverage and made to feel taken care immediately? What music is playing? How does it smell? How is the lighting? All of these little things add up to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, putting your client in a Zen-like mood as soon as they walk in the door. Select soothing colors, pieces of art and furniture. The music we mentioned above should be ambient, instrumental and gentle. The lighting should be dim and the fragrance in the air pleasant. Ensure that each client is treated with the utmost care and think of yourself as their relaxation concierge. Doing so will get you in the right mindset to provide 5-star service and build a healthy relationship with your guest.

FIT Tips

  • Offer “spa water” or “fruit water” each day. Choose colorful fruits and herbs to mix in and switch it up occasionally. Some of our favorites are blueberry and lemon, strawberry and basil, and cucumber and melon. Your water will not only look beautiful and inviting, it will help clients hydrate before, during and after their spa services to achieve better wellness results.
  • Incorporate essential oils in unique ways. Got a diffuser? Choose a scent of the week and diffuse the oil in the lobby or treatment room. You can also select three signature scents and let your clients choose which oil is diffused during their service. Customization can greatly enhance the relaxation experience.
  • Think about your tone of voice and facial expressions. Use soft, calm tones and genuine smiles. Even if you’re stressed about an issue with an employee or a personal challenge.
  • Stick to a schedule and keep your appointments on time. Doing so is extremely important for many reasons. For example, if your client has back-to-back appointments (a massage followed by a body wrap) they may tense up if you run behind or finish early. Don’t allow timing to get in the way of their spa day! Keeping to an agenda will also keep you more relaxed and able to make the right recommendations.

We are pretty sure it is safe to say you got into the wellness industry for a reason. To make people feel good, look good and improve their quality of life! So, when you make it a point for all clients to leave your facility with a calmer state of mind and they will be back again, and again!

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