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Tips for Bringing New Clients into Your Business

They purchase the services you offer, the products you sell and they have a huge impact on your success. Who are these wonderful beings that all business owners want and need? Clients. Because without them, well, you know where we’re going with that. We’ve always got our eyes peeled for ways to help business owners grow their client base and in this blog we’ll talk about two tips that have proven to be successful for our current Certified Providers. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more where these came from 😉

Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly

According to Global Web Index, 87% of internet users now have a smartphone and they are using their phones day and night to read reviews, scout new spots to check out and even check their emails. If your website is not mobile responsive or mobile friendly it is less likely for it to show up or rank on a Google search, and it’s also less likely that your potential clients will spend more than a couple minutes looking at it. Your website should paint a picture of your business with images and text, some clients need to see what their experience will be like before committing to an appointment. If your site is in need of a face-lift, just remember to keep it simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use! If all your client sees are clutter, pixilated images and invalid or missing contact information they may just go to another spa altogether. To find out if your site is mobile-friendly you can try this Google tool. You can also view analytics on your website performance by using Google Analytics, you should see a mix of new and return customers checking out your site. While your clients are Googling, they may also be checking their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’ve talked about the importance of these platforms before, but when 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media (Ironpaper) it’s hard not to! Many business owners have also made it possible for their clients to purchase services, packages or products online because when your client wants to purchase her favorite lotion at midnight on a Tuesday she should be able to do so! Making retail sales while you sleep? Yes, yes and yes.

Develop and Nurture Professional Relationships

Networking may seem terrifying, especially for those who don’t find it easy to strike up a conversation with other businesses in the area. If you’re feeling nervous to initiate a connection with a neighbor to gain new clients, don’t be! They want to grow their clientele as well and working together is what makes the world go ‘round! Gaining new customers can be about “who you know” and creating a partnership benefits both business owners and their clients. Keep your eyes open for retailers, restaurants, health clubs and other businesses that share the same target audience as you. Then, come up with an offer or promotion you’d like to run with your potential business partner and invite them over to try a service at your facility. Once they’re in and ready to buddy-up it can be helpful to sit down with a calendar and decide on the terms of the deal and how long it will last. This also opens up room for dialogue about where both of you would like this brand new partnership to go and goals you’d like to meet.

FIT Tip: Create the collateral or marketing materials you’d like your partner to use. This will enable you to stay true to your branding, and make you a valuable partner.

Getting creative with your marketing efforts can be fun and inspiring! You may also make some new friends in the process. We always advise our Certified Providers to track everything you do so that you’ll know what works or what could be done better next time.

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