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The Obesity-Health Epidemic

With all the news regarding obesity and weight loss scams lately, you may have missed a recent article that links being overweight with cancer. We all know it’s unhealthy to be carrying around excess pounds, but just how unhealthy is it, really?

Awareness of the Problem

Americans have been inundated with reports about how obesity puts us at risk for a wide variety of medical problems and they are aware of research showing that being seriously overweight can lead to infertility, heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, arthritis and now, cancer.

According to a winter 2012 Associated Press/NORC-Center for Public Affairs surveyof over 1,000 adults, the U.S. public thinks:

  • Too much inactivity (watching TV, using a computer) is the biggest reason why people are overweight.
  • Only cancer is a more serious health issue than obesity, followed by diabetes and heart disease. [Heart disease is actually the #1 killer in the U.S.]
  • There is a connection between obesity and diseases such as diabetes and heart problems.
  • Government policies that focus on more physical activities in schools are worthwhile; those that limit choices of food and beverage are not popular.

However, the rates of serious illness in obese people are climbing to near epidemic numbers, regardless of awareness.

Does awareness result in lifestyle changes to change the statistics?

It’s alarming to realize just how dangerous obesity really is. Cancer of the uterus, pancreas, esophagus and kidneys could all be real consequences of being seriously overweight. Carrying around excess fat triggers hormone production which is connected to the growth of cancer tumors. Not only is there cause and effect occurring, it is more difficult to find tumors early enough to treat effectively when the patient is significantly overweight.

While most of us realize the dangers of obesity, is it enough to motivate us to become healthier? Knowledge is always the first step. The second is to take action. We may not want the government to limit our choices of food and beverage and we know we need to promote physical activity for schoolchildren, but what can be done right now to help obese adults?

For those who are seriously overweight, the struggle to lose those first several pounds can be the most difficult. It’s hard to see progress when you have hundreds of pounds to lose. But once the weight start to drop off, it is much easier to stay on track with healthy eating and a regular exercise routine.

Weekly FIT Bodywrap© sessions could be the key to turning around unhealthy lifestyles. Because results are instant in most cases, seeing those extra pounds and inches come off is an excellent motivator. After a single one-hour session, most people burn in excess of 1,200 calories and the results are often visible immediately.

If you or someone you know is seriously overweight, it’s time to make a big change and get healthy. Make FIT Bodywraps© part of your new health and fitness routine for an easy way to see positive results right away. Find the location nearest you with a body wrap system in place and get started losing weight today!

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