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The Journey to Weight Loss

The journey to weight loss is not without detours. Determination is the vehicle needed to begin the journey and perseverance is the fuel. With that said the road to weight loss is not a straight line. The rules of the weight loss road are not the same for everyone. There are basics that do apply to all. 

The simple rules which everyone can agree on are eating a healthy diet, exercising, and consistency. Remember that every detour off of the chosen road means that the ultimate goal will take longer to reach. For example, just one day of reverting to old eating habits and gaining even one extra pound can take days of work to correct. The more detours along the journey to weight loss means that the finish line is further away.

 In the end, there really is no finish line. Once you begin down the road to weight loss and incorporate the good habits that it takes to reach the goal, it should become a lifetime pursuit. Maintaining a healthy weight takes the same determination and perseverance that it takes to start the journey.

Pills, Fads, and Potions

There are thousands upon thousands of books, ads and products that claim to take you on the shortcut journey to weight loss. Some may actually work short term, you can lose weight with pills, fad diets, and potions, but is it healthy. 

Pills to speed metabolism and squash hunger may work. However, they may not be healthy for the body in the near term or long term. Shedding an excessive amount of weight through fad diets that restrict calories may also be eliminating the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy function of the organs. 

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In the 21st century, the journey to weight loss can be guided by decades of scientific and medical research. Nutrition and diet are specialties that are studied by researchers in the lab and clinical settings. Most agree that the two most impactful things that everyone can do to lose weight are simple.

  • Eat healthy foods in a reasonable amount 
  • Increase physical activity to at least 30 minutes a day. 

Through a greater in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the body, there is a clear understanding of the relationship between caloric intake, food choices, exercise, and weight gain. Hospitals and clinics throughout the world apply the science with weight loss programs, not based on fads, but on science.


A Guided Approach to Losing the Pounds

When you can’t do it alone after trying and trying, consider a program guided by nutritionists, dieticians or doctors for inspiration and knowledge. The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help along the weight loss journey. Although most programs are not a one size fits all, the basics are essential to taking the first steps on the journey. In the Healthy Lifestyle webzine published by the Mayo Clinic, the message is a simple one, “Eat most of your food from the groups at the base of the pyramid and less from the top — and move more.”

Steam Rooms, Saunas and Weight Loss

Steam rooms and saunas have been pointed to as weight loss aids throughout history. They do not replace the two commandments of weight loss but can aid in completing and maintaining the journey to weight loss. Healthline an online portal for healthy living, notes, “When used correctly, experts note that saunas and steam rooms stimulate your body in ways that typical exercise does not.” The newest addition to this weight loss aid is the FIT Bodywrap, an enveloping personalized infrared sauna that hugs the body to stimulate the metabolism.

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