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The Importance of Exercise Safety

Chances are the majority of your clients participate in regular exercise to lose weight and stay in shape. But how safely are they are going about their exercise regimen? Your salon, spa or clinic can help them avoid injury and your FIT Bodywrap© system can help them recover more quickly when they overdo it.

The Good and the Bad of Exercise

Physical exercise has been shown to be quite beneficial. In terms of overall health, a regular workout routine is good for lowering blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels as well as blood pressure. It’s been proven to lower stress as well as weight and there also seems to be a correlation between exercise and the risk of heart problems.

Most of us are familiar with these benefits, but we tend to forget that there can be other, less beneficial side effects. Overdoing exercise or doing it in the wrong way can easily cause muscle strains, sprains and joint soreness. In extreme cases it could result in torn ligaments and muscles, broken bones or even heart attack! Extremely strenuous workouts, such as CrossFit, have even been known to lead to a relatively new condition referred to as rhabdomyolysis. This condition is characterized by severe muscle damage that occurs when the muscles release proteins and enzymes into the bloodstream. This so-called “CrossFit Syndrome” can result in kidney failure or damage to the liver.

Alleviating the Problems

If your clients come in to tan or receive spa treatments or therapy while showing signs of muscle fatigue, aches or pains, you may want to delve a bit deeper and find out if their problems were caused by overdoing exercise. While you can’t “undo” the damage they’ve already done, you can suggest a form of therapy perfect for almost anyone.

Dr. Aaron Flickstein, Medical Director for FIT Bodywrap©, has identified several key areas where far infrared therapy can be quite efficacious. Not only does infrared therapy promote caloric consumption and cardiovascular conditioning, it is very effective in relaxing joints and muscles. The deep penetrating heat of infrared rays can be used to reduce muscle spasms and relieve back pain, muscle tension and tight shoulders – all very common symptoms of exercise overdone or done wrong. And because it increases the extensibility of collagen tissues, infrared is a wonderful therapy to help your clients get back to their regular workout routine quicker.

When you want to take a holistic approach to providing the services and therapies your clients need and want, FIT Bodywraps© are an ideal extension to your existing business. It’s not just great for weight loss, the deeply penetrating infrared rays provided by a FIT Bodywrap© system can help your clients feel better while relaxing in a warm thermowrap that provides numerous therapeutic benefits.

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