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The Effect of the Infrared Sauna on Chronic Diseases

Medical studies in Finland have looked at sauna use and its effect on chronic diseases. Studies by the medical and scientific communities in Finland that have lasted decades tracked the health status of thousands of regular sauna users. These ongoing studies note that regular sauna use has a positive affect on coronary and vascular health.  In 2023 the effect of the infrared sauna on chronic diseases will expand.  In Finland the sauna is an integral part of the social structure of the society. It is thought of as the birthplace of sauna therapy. As noted in an April 2022 article about Finland’s Sauna Culture in Nordic Backyards a website dedicated to Nordic Travel and Community Customs, it is believed that 95% of residents of Finland visit a sauna at least once a week. In a nation that counts 3 million active saunas with a majority in private homes it is easy to see why Finland is a living laboratory for studying the effects of sauna on health. 

Studying the Positive Health Benefits of the Infrared Sauna 

Primitive saunas where no more than semi-enclosed caves with a fire pit dug into the ground surrounded by rocks. The metamorphosis of the sauna has included its use for child-birthing as well as spiritual enlightenment.  The Sweat Lodge or Tent was popularized by indigenous nomadic people. They were used both as a medicinal healing experience to sweat out what today might be recognized as bacterial, fungal, or viral infections as well as a tool for spiritual enlightenment. The concept of the root Finnish sauna and those that derived from it where all based on an enclosed super-heated room. The air was heated by various fuels which would eventually raise the body temperature and cause it to sweat profusely.  The classic interpretation of the Finnish sauna is one with superheated rocks that are ladled with water to create steam. This “wet” sauna is among the most popular, however, the dry and smoke sauna evolved in other cultures.  Today in the 21st century, homogenized by technology, the infrared sauna is making inroads. The steady growth in popularity of the infrared saunas has led the scientific and medical communities to open expansive health studies to look at their effects on users. Writing for the Mayo Clinic on their Healthy Lifestyle Bog, Brent A. Bauer M.D. answered a frequently asked question in the medical community in a June 11, 2022 article. “What is an infrared sauna? Does it have health benefits?”.  Dr. Bauer notes the Medical and Scientific Community is expanding their examination of the effects of the infrared sauna on chronic diseases. “Conditions studied include high blood pressure, heart failure, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, headache, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis. But larger and more-exact studies are needed to prove these results.” 

Raising the Level of Comfort in the Infrared Sauna

There are people who could increase their health quotient with regular sauna use but find the experience of the heat unbearable. The infrared sauna especially the 4-zone controlled FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna adds a new level of comfort to the sauna experience.  The FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna uses light to directly heat the body. While enjoying the benefits of a sauna, the heat can be adjusted for personal preference with 4-zone controls. During a FIT Bodywrap infrared session clients breathe room temperature air while enjoying the all over body experience of a sauna.

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