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The Effect of Far Infrared Rays On the Human Body

Far infrared (FIR) wave frequencies have been used for a variety of different applications since their discovery but most notably by NASA scientists several decades ago. Since then, it has been discovered that FIR is good for many things, such as alleviating pain, ridding the body of toxins, and aiding in the process of weight loss through calorie burning. But many people are a bit leery of the technology, mainly because they don’t understand how it works. Here is an overview of far infrared ray technology and its effect on the human body.

Heat and Water

FIR occurs naturally all around us. Far infrared rays are those on the invisible spectrum of light. You know the visible spectrum as the colors represented in a rainbow; infrared is just off to the right of that visible spectrum. It’s the same rays emitted from the sun; up to 80 percent of sunlight is comprised of infrared rays. The wavelength of far infrared waves ranges from 4 to 1,000 microns. The human body is made up mostly of water and the majority of it is below the surface of our skin. Water and other organic substances (such as enzymes, vitamins, antibodies, complex proteins, carbohydrates, simple sugars, vital organs, endocrine glands and tissues) have wavelengths of 5 to 15 microns, well within the frequency of infrared waves. This means that the water in the human body is able to easily absorb far infrared rays and this makes the molecules vibrate at that same frequency. FIR waves penetrate the body to a depth between two to four inches. The body becomes not only a radiator of the heat produced by FIR, it also becomes a receiver. Humans require nutrients to fuel their bodies and maintain their natural warm temperature. Usually our own temperature is higher than that of our environment so that heat is radiated outward. The more nutrients we must use to transmit or receive heat, the harder our bodies and the more waste products we produce.

Therapeutic Effect of FIR

That’s the goal of far infrared rays – to make our bodies burn energy (calories) and rid them of toxins and stored fat. It can also work to loosen stiff and tired muscles and joints.

As a summary, here’s how FIR affects the human body:

  • Far infrared rays penetrate the skin and heat up the body to perfectly safe levels from the inside.
  • Our bones and tissues use conduction and convection to radiate the heat outward, burning energy.
  • The warmth of our bodies dilates blood vessels and capillaries while improving circulation, which helps eliminate toxins and other impurities.

The two principles at work are heating the body from the inside out and energizing water and other organic molecules to work at providing nutrients, thus burning energy (and fat). Far infrared rays are naturally occurring rays of light on the far right, invisible portion of the color spectrum. Because their wavelengths are within the same range as those occurring in our bodies naturally, FIR represents a completely safe and natural way to provide a number of therapeutic benefits. Marie Morehouse blogs for FIT Bodywrap, the revolutionary way to lose pounds and inches and relieve muscles, joint aches and pains over your lunch hour! Just one 60-minute session in a salon provides the healing relief and therapeutic cellulite melting properties of Far Infrared Technology., like those found in a traditional sauna environment but without breathing in the hot air. Find out for yourself how great it feels to be wrapped in warmth and walk away looking and feeling better. Call 1-888-5FIT-NOW to find a salon near you. Learn about the latest news in physical therapy and weight loss by liking our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you there!

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