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The Detox Buzz

The word “detox” has become popular on the label of health-related products. It is a sound good term that makes users think that they are accomplishing something healthy for their minds, bodies and souls. There is no doubt that detoxing the body of pollutants, chemicals, heavy metals and the remnants of processed foods is a good thing. The question being asked here is are the products that claim they are detoxifying the body of any benefit. The amazing body has multiple systems that naturally work individually and together to “detoxify” itself. The liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs, glands and skin, the largest organ, all work to detoxify the body 24/7. Detoxifying diets that limit food intake and use unusual methods such as laxatives, diuretics, potions, salves, and propriety blends of the unknown may hinder the natural detoxifying abilities of the body rather than enhance them. When the body and its systems are healthy and functioning properly, it will naturally work efficiently to detoxify itself. That means that the best way to aid the body in detoxification is to practice healthy rules.

Healthy Detoxifying

First in helping the body to detoxify is eating a balanced diet. This includes vegetables that are antioxidant-rich. Supplements and detoxing aids advertise their antioxidant properties because they fight oxidative stress which forms free radicals. The free radical molecules have been identified as the causes or boosters of chronic disease.  The diseases currently identified as being affected by free radicals include cancers, liver, kidney along with endocrine diseases and abnormalities. Cardiologists look to free radicals as an impetus for heart and vascular diseases while other specialists have associated them with dementia, asthma and even physical causes of psychological maladies. Detox Healthy detoxifying rules include:

  • Avoid smoking and inhaling fumes. – Smoke, exhaust fumes and even barbeques have been identified as containing hundreds of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body. Everyone can begin a healthy detox by avoiding ingesting toxins. This is an easy first step. Cigars, cigarettes, pipes, vapes, barbeques, diesel exhaust, factory smoke, fireworks and more overload the body with toxins. These force the body’s defenses to work overtime. 
  • Avoid or at Least Limit Alcoholic Intake. – The liver is a vital toxin defender of the body. Alcohol intake forces the liver to work overtime to breakdown and eliminate alcohol. The liver uses a process of metabolizing alcohol, breaking it down to simpler chemicals in order to expel it from the body. It metabolizes alcohol into acetaldehyde, a known cancer-causing chemical in order to eliminate the alcohol from the body.

Exercise, proper hydration and less salt intake are all on the to do list of healthy detoxification. Proper sleep, amount and intensity, is often ignored on the road to a healthy body. 

The Whole-Body Infrared Sauna Detoxifies

The skin which is the largest organ of the body is an intricate part of the detoxifying process. Its molecular complexities allow the body to detox through perspiration. The infrared body wrap sauna can activate and enhance the detoxifying ability of the skin.  The innovative FIT Bodywrap infrared system induces a whole-body detoxifying perspiration to flush out toxins and relieve symptoms cause by inflammation and free radicals. A research investigation written by Joy Hussain and Marc Cohen entitled, “Clinical Effects of Regular Dry Sauna Bathing: A Systematic Review”, noted in their conclusion, “Regular infrared and/or Finnish sauna bathing has the potential to provide many beneficial health effects, especially for those with cardiovascular-related and rheumatological disease, as well as athletes seeking improved exercise performance.”  A major difference with the personalized FIT Bodywrap infrared system is that it induces a whole-body perspiration to flush out toxins. This is an aid to complete body detoxing. 

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