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Detox for Allergy Relief: The Detox-Allergy Connection

If you’ve been dealing with allergies whether seasonal or food related, the only remedy prescribed may have been an over-the-counter antihistamine or you were simply advised to avoid elements that contribute to your symptoms. While many people are born with allergies, many develop them later in life with exposure to various elements in the environment.  Today, there are over 10,000 processed chemicals in everyday consumer products that can disrupt our body’s ability to normally function.  This toxin overload is one reason for the drastic increase in allergies over the last decade. Regardless of the reason for your allergies, they can leave you feeling run down and just not yourself. So if traditional methods for allergy relief haven’t worked, perhaps it’s time to explore methods to detox for allergy relief.

What is a detox?

Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from the body. Breathing, sweating and waste elimination are how your body removes toxins on a daily basis.  Yet in today’s toxic environment the vital organs that facilitate these functions can end up working way too hard. Detoxing can help re-establish balance and decrease the work load on the body’s natural detoxification organs such as the liver and kidneys.

The allergy toxin connection. 

 Toxins, or substances that are considered poisonous to the body, are everywhere nowadays.  They can come from obvious places like secondhand smoke, industrial pollution, and car exhaust.  Yet most of us don’t think about the chemicals that are in our everyday products like canned food liners, mattresses, and beauty products.  Our daily exposure to toxins is why the prevalence of allergies has skyrocketed over the years.  Toxins in the body disrupt cell function specific to inflammation, hormone production and general immunity.  These can all make the body more susceptible to an allergic reaction.  Starting a detox for allergy relief is a great place to begin and initiate this process.

What are my options for a detox for allergy relief?

There are a variety of options if you want to detox for allergy relief such as herbal detoxification regimens, adopting a strict diet and vitamin supplements. Detox diets and cleanses are extremely trendy nowadays and you can find seemingly endless programs to select from. There are numerous different types of detox diets and each one of these provides you with slightly different results. Whichever you choose, the advantages of detoxing for allergies can’t be denied. Detoxification can maximize vitality, decrease allergies and cut down toxic body burdens while increasing levels of energy and revitalizing your immune system.

Why detoxing can help with allergies.

Keep in mind that several factors can impact the development of allergies including genetics, gut flora, pollutants and nutrient deficiencies. By carrying out a body detox for allergy relief you are clearing toxins from your body and reducing the load on your detoxification pathways.  Consequently, the liver is able to better filter the blood and handle allergens, thereby reducing the load on the immune system. Improved immune system + decreased bodily inflammation = better (or no) reaction to allergens!!

Is your body on toxic overload? Signs you need to detox.

If your body can’t manage its toxin load, it can build-up to a level where they trigger some serious health problems.  This is where regularly detoxing can be of great benefit in order to avoid overload and onset of those annoying allergies.  Signs that you need a detox include insatiable sugar cravings, brain fog, digestive distress (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas), fatigue, muscle aches,  joint pain, and increased body odor.  Allergic reactions and smelly arm pits?  No thank you!

How to Detox Naturally

  • Eat the right foods. Numerous studies show whole foods (including cruciferous vegetables, berries, garlic, and spices like turmeric) will help the body detoxify.  Choose organic plant foods wherever possible. Adding probiotics may be a great option for restoring gut health (a common problem with toxin overload) as well. Talk to a trusted health care professional if you’re not sure where to start.
  • Decrease your environmental exposure. Pay attention to your consumption.  This means reading the labels of your food AND beauty products.
  • Enhance your immune system. Eat well, get adequate good sleep and manage stress levels to enhance optimal immunity.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise will help the body excrete toxins and burn fat more effectively (where toxins may be stored). Whether that involves hot yoga or high-intensity interval training, find a regular workout plan that matches your preference and schedule.
  • Infrared light therapy. Infrared light therapy promotes blood circulation for cleansing and sweating to excrete all that bad stuff.
  • Drink lots of fresh clean water. Hydration keeps your cellular machinery at peak performance. Drink it often throughout the day to keep your system “flushed.”   Always strive for properly filtered water in order to avoid added toxins.  Try adding lemon to your water for an added tasty benefit!

Rest, cleanse and nourish. (Repeat)

Resting, cleansing and nourishing the body are key to improving vitality, reducing toxic burden and detoxing for allergy relief.   By taking care of your body perhaps this is actually the start of an “allergy season” you can enjoy! Here’s to your (allergy free) best health!

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