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The Cancer Fighting Effects of Infrared Detoxification

Can far infrared rays (FIR), like those found in saunas and therapeutic body wraps, possibly help in the fight against cancer? We’ll provide the research and you decide for yourself.

The Truth About Cancer

The sad truth is that cancer, in its various forms, is the leading cause of death throughout the world. The most common types are lung, colon, breast, liver and stomach, which account for the greatest number of deaths each year. All types of cancer are characterized by the growth of abnormal cells.

While there isn’t a single cause of cancer, nearly a third of all deaths can be attributed to five of the highest risk behaviors: high BMI, a diet low in vegetables and fruit, sedentary lifestyle, tobacco and alcohol use. Viral infections account for a fifth of all cancer deaths across low- and middle-income countries.

What is the common thread here? Toxins. People who don’t exercise and eat right while using tobacco and alcohol are not only filling their bodies with toxins, they aren’t doing the things necessary to get rid of those toxic substances ingested or absorbed.

Detoxification Using FIR

It stands to reason, then, that detoxifying your body could help fight cancer. And FIR therapy has been proven to be beneficial in detoxifying the body.

Dr Sasaki Kyuo, a practitioner in Japan, identified numerous therapeutic uses of FIR, such as that found in saunas (the same technology used in the FIT Bodywrap® system). Dr. Kyuo found that using far infrared rays was an efficient way to combat infections, clogged pores, various skin conditions, gastroenteric problems as well as musculoskeletal debilitation. Learn more about Dr. Kyuo’s FIR research here.

Because FIR therapy improves circulation to both deep and superficial tissues, it does an excellent job of removing toxins, particularly heavy metals and organic chemicals. Because these types of toxins are stored in fat cells, the weight loss aspect of FIR therapy, which can burn over 1,000 calories in an hour-long session and breaks down fat cells, positively affects the removal of those toxins. In addition, the immune enhancement and hyperthermia effect from far infrared therapy also hastens the removal of toxic metals and chemicals.

While far infrared therapy is by no means a panacea, it can be helpful for a variety of physical problems. Detoxification is a great way to manage your health and it’s certainly not a stretch to assume that it could aid in the prevention of cancer by ridding our bodies of those substances it naturally wants to eliminate.

If you want a simple and safe way to detoxify, try a an hour-long FIT Bodywrap® session. Your skin will feel softer, you will lose inches and you will rid your body of all those toxins you ingest and absorb. It’s a relaxing way to not only look better, but feel great through good health.

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