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The Benefits of Summer Sweat

Summer is here!  Whether you like it or not, it’s time to get your sweat on as temperatures rise.  While you may not think of sweating as an attractive attribute of the human body, you should reconsider as it is absolutely essential for your health! Before you retreat to air conditioning, load up on deodorant and stock the freezer with popsicles, consider these great benefits of seeking a little summer sweat. 

Summer sweat is awesome for your heart health.

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that a sweaty exercise session is good for the heart.  Heat modalities, such as infrared and saunas, have also been shown to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.  All these forms of heat promote circulation, raise the heart rate, and help regulate the body’s blood pressure and cholesterol to boost overall heart health.

Sweat regulates your body temperature.

Without summer sweat, you might literally melt from overheating.  Heat related illnesses are no joke. Sweat glands are the body’s built in cooling system for adequately managing those summer temps.  With a little evaporation or a light breeze, you will feel amazing even in sweltering conditions.

Summer sweat will help you loosen up.

Sore from a grueling workout or have lingering joint and muscle aches?  Get your blood moving and break a sweat to help with recovery.  A quicker recovery means you can get back to all those fun summer activities!

The body’s most natural way to detox.

The four main organs that help with daily detoxification of the body are the kidneys, liver, intestines and skin.  Sweat can quickly get rid of the body’s cellular waste.  This comes from every day normal function in addition to things like pollutant exposure in your environment. The sooner the body can rid itself of toxins, the less likely it is to build up and wreak havoc on your system.  This means decreased risk of most chronic illnesses, especially cancer.

Embrace your summer sweat and be happy.

Kick those feel good hormones into high gear with some summer sweat.  Sweating is a great way to help your body release feel good hormones, such as serotonin, to leave you feeling happy and content.  More specifically, the FIT Bodywrap has been found to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. No wonder we feel amazing after lounging in the hot sun, a good exercise routine, or a spa day.

Skip the facial.

Sweating opens up the pores to make it significantly easier rid the skin of dirt and bacteria.  This can prevent skin irritation, acne and other skin related problems.  Just make sure to rinse your skin shortly after each of your summer sweat sessions. It will make every day feel like a spa day!

Be nice to your kidneys.

Decrease strain on your kidneys through sweat.  It will help remove any excess salt and calcium that the body has accumulated.  If the kidneys become overwhelmed with salt it can lead to painful stones and blockages. Prevention of these problems through adequate sweating is a much better choice.

Improve your health NOW with summer sweat.

Don’t be afraid to get a little (or a lot) sweaty this summer.  It should now be clear that sweating leads to a better, healthier lifestyle free of illness and full of vitality. The options for sweating are endless, so pick what works for you!

How to get your sweat on.

Of course, exercise is the top choice for sweating while reaping all the benefits. If you’re short on time, try to go for higher intensity interval training or mix in small movements throughout the day.  Other great options include heat therapy, such as sauna or infrared wraps.

Be kind to your body in all temperatures.

No matter how you decide to sweat this summer, make sure to keep a bottle of water and sunscreen or a hat on hand.  Embracing summertime also adds the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.  However, if outside temperatures are pretty unbearable in your area, make sure to use common sense and choose a time of day that will give you benefits without making you ill from overexertion and dehydration.

Luckily, you can get the benefits of sweat any time of the year with exercise and heat therapy.  Yet, there’s something about summertime and sunshine that makes it easier to choose to be healthy and stay active.

What are you waiting for?!  Get your sweat on and embrace all that it has to offer to your health!

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