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Infrared Sauna and Cholesterol

According to an article published in The Healthy Planet written by TJ Williams, DC, PHD and republished by The Institute of Natural Health, an infrared sauna has a beneficial effect on cholesterol buildup. In the article the writer states,” Regular infrared sauna use has been shown to improve lipid profiles....

Is an Infrared Sauna for Weight Loss?

Infrared saunas have become increasingly popular among individuals looking for weight loss. These types of saunas use infrared technology to heat the body. Infrared saunas promote weight loss by burning calories and increasing metabolism. The infrared sauna is an aid for weight loss not a solution. 

Monthly Expenses for a Spa Business and How to Increase Revenue

A successful spa business requires more than quality services coupled with customer service and a unique experience. It also requires that the owner and or managers be aware of the expenses that affect the bottom line.  It the quest to increase revenue, the bottom line must always be the focus.

Salon Management – How to Upsell an Appointment or Visit

Salon management goes beyond fixing the schedule, coordinating staff, and buying product. The range of products and services available at salons continue to expand beyond perceived essentials. It creates an opportunity to upsell and expand the bottom line of every sales ticket.

Sauna Origins

The sauna is often associated with Finland, at least in the modern traditional sense. The word sauna is a Finnish word. It means “bathhouse.” Its Finnish roots are also the picture that comes to mind when thinking about the sauna experience, a wooden structure with guests ladling water on hot...

The Effect of the Infrared Sauna on Chronic Diseases

Medical studies in Finland have looked at sauna use and its effect on chronic diseases. Studies by the medical and scientific communities in Finland that have lasted decades tracked the health status of thousands of regular sauna users. These ongoing studies note that regular sauna use has a positive affect...

The Effects of Sauna on Heart Health

Effects of Sauna on Heart Health As the popularity of the sauna continues to grow, so does the available data on its healthy effects. Medical and scientific researchers continue to expand their studies and gather data on the beneficial effects of sauna. Decades old studies are being revisited with more...

Top 4 High Tech Spa Equipment to Scale Spa Services and Increase Revenues

Equipment for the spa business constantly evolves. The most common update to equipment for the spa business is in energy efficiencies improvements. Saving money on operating cost is important however it must make sense to update spa business equipment that is still performing well and attracts the visiting clients. Changing...

Wellness Trends 2024

The wellness industry continues to evolve by updating equipment that uses the latest in technological advancements as well as offering innovative new equipment for clients. It an industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations. The...

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