FIT Bodywrap

Boosting FIT Booster Sales

What’s a spa service without a product pairing?! Many services, such as FIT Bodywrap sessions can produce enhanced results when the right retail product is used both during and after sessions. This my friends, is why the FIT Booster was created! When it comes to retail sales, we understand that...

FIT® Booster Spray: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Get familiar with our FIT Booster Spray solution used in conjunction with the FIT®Bodywrap. In a nutshell, the special spray was designed to create a barrier on the skin so that the body has to work harder than it normally would to produce sweat. It offers body contouring, slimming and...

How the FIT Coat Can Improve Spa Services

Here at FIT Bodywrap we’ve perfected the art of participating in effective infrared sessions. But, we’re often asked, besides the infrared heat and the FIT Bodywrap system what makes an infrared session extremely effective? It’s the use of ancillary items such as the FIT Coat and the FIT Booster! When FIT Bodywrap was...

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