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Summer 2013 Social Media Marketing Tips for Tanning Salons

Summer is here and that represents the most active time of year for many Americans. Most of feel happier, more carefree and less stressed during the summer. While you may think that the opportunities to sell more tanning sessions are fewer when the sun is shining, there are many ways to promote your business via social media in the summer months. If you are just as anxious as your customers to get outside and play under the sun, use these tips to keep your social media marketing going on automatic pilot.

Relate Your Tanning Salon Services to Summer All Season Long

This is pretty easy for tanning salons since a lot of us want to look bronzed before we hit the beach. But there’s no reason you can’t sustain that momentum once your clientele already have their base tan in place. Remind them of your other services, such as the FIT Bodywrap©, which helps them slim down and look better in their bikini or Speedo. If you offer massage or other health-related services, this is the perfect time to heavily advertise them since so many people are much more active during the summer months.

Brand Your Social Media Pages with Summer Themes

Your clientele will pay more attention to your social media posts if you consistently brand them with a summer-related theme. Showing men and women who are fit and attractive on the beach for your Facebook banner, for instance, is a good subliminal message that reminds them to use all your services, not just tanning. Be sure to update all your social media sites so the message is consistent.

Ask for User-Generated Content

Summer is also the perfect time to ask your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share their personal content with you. You could turn this into a contest, if you wish, but that’s not necessary. Personal photos showing their deep summer tans or weight loss results after using the FIT Bodywrap© would be very appropriate. You could make a Facebook photo album out of the pictures or pin them to a special board on Pinterest. This not only engages your fans and followers, it lets you take a brief break from providing unique content!

Summer Contests

Another way to engage followers and fans is to host a contest related to a summer theme or activity. You could do this in conjunction with asking for user-generated content – or not. For instance, you could post a contest on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages that requires entrants to submit a photo of themselves and then select a winner based on the most golden tan or best physique/figure. The prize? A free FIT Bodywrap© session and/or a handful of tanning sessions. If you want to use the contest to grow your database, buy a special app for Facebook so you can ask contest entrants to leave their name and email address, in addition to liking your page, in order to participate.

Say It With Pictures

Remember that a picture speaks a thousand words. Summer, in particular, is a great time to use photos to your marketing advantage because so many of us are rushed to get to the next fun activity that we overlook words but do pay attention to images. Post pictures of your business, your employees or even fantastic beaches/attractions in your area.

Tanning salon owners who use social media to market their business throughout the summer months are sure to gain a big benefit in increased branding, revenues and engagement. Don’t slack off because you are too busy – just keep a summer theme going so you don’t have to think too hard about what to post.

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