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A Perfect FIT: Beaches N’ Dreams

Dreaming about improving your wellness and beauty routine? Well wake up and smell the tanning lotion because Beaches N’ Dreams is ready to help! “Beaches N’ Dreams is a locally owned salon in the “friendly city” of Woodstock Ontario, Canada. It has been operating since 2000 and I will have owned the business for ten years this August,” says Owner, Sarah Gray. Originally a UV tanning only salon, Beaches N’ Dreams has expanded their menu to provide wellness services to their clients.

“Over the years we have worked to increase business and build more relationships with our community and customers. Our goal is to create a perfect fit for additional services that would positively impact our clients and bring in new customers. FIT Bodywrap did just that.”

We got a chance to ask Sarah’s about the benefits of infrared and how FIT Bodywrap works in her business. Here’s what she had to say! 

Why did you choose FIT Bodywrap?

Infrared heat has such a positive impact on the body with pain relief, weight loss, improving the skin, detox and much more.

I chose FIT Bodywrap after doing a demo at our local tanning supplier Uvalux. My results from one single session were mind blowing. I felt that my body released tons of toxins that day, I noticed fewer aches & pains (I am a busy, active person on the go!), but best of all? How great I felt and how well I slept that night. It was nothing short of amazing! The system is so easy to use and to have 60 minutes of “me time” was a true “A-HA” moment…relaxation, yes, please!

Many of our clients are just like myself. They are busy, on the go active business professionals or moms of a demanding family that rarely get 10 minutes of relaxation in, let alone 60 minutes! Our FIT Bodywrap system has gained a great amount of popularity within our community!

Beaches N Dreams success
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Do you offer packages of FIT Bodywrap sessions at your location? Which is your most popular?

Yes, we offer one session, three sessions, one month, twice a week, and a monthly unlimited ongoing membership which includes a FIT Booster Spray when you sign up. 

Our unlimited monthly membership is our most popular. Because it includes the FIT Booster it allows clients to really see the benefits of how the perfecting spray reduces cellulite and increases the FIT Bodywrap results. 

How big is your staff and what has assisted them in selling sessions? 

We are currently a team of six and we have all completed the online certifications, read about the health and wellness of infrared, watched FIT Bodywrap webinars, and of course, have done FIT sessions to see and feel results ourselves. 

What do you love about the FIT Booster and FIT coat?

I love that the FIT Booster can be used outside of the FIT session, we encourage our clients to not only use it when they wrap but to use it before a gym workout or just out of the shower. The FIT Coat is great because it fits all body sizes and makes cleaning the FIT Bodywrap easy by containing the sweat.

How does the FIT Bodywrap serve your client’s needs?

Many of our clients start out with one or two goals like weight loss or pain management. After participating in infrared sessions, they soon realize they are noticing additional benefits such as detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation, better sleep, and boosted energy.

How many sessions does your facility do each day on average and how do you market?

We have been booked since we started offering FIT in the middle of March. We promote through social media, local radio ads and word of mouth.

What are your favorite benefits? What are your client’s favorite benefits?

Our team’s favorite benefit is enjoying 60 minutes of warmth while watching Netflix and ridding the body of toxins. Our customers love the pain management aspect. Infrared is great for relieving lower back pain and bringing relaxation. 

How has your facility benefited from offering FIT Bodywrap?

Bringing in FIT Bodywrap has given our salon more diversity, increased revenue and has allowed us to better serve the people that are important to us, our clients by offering them greater health and wellness options!

Lastly, what would you say to another business owner who wants to introduce FIT Bodywrap?

I would say talk about it, create hype around it and make room in your salons to put one in! It’s been the perfect FIT for us at Beaches N’ Dreams! 

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sarah! We are happy to hear about your excellent body wrap results and that your clients are loving the benefits infrared heat can provide!

Want to visit Beaches N’ Dreams? Tell them FIT Bodywrap sent you! 

Phone: 519-539-4826

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