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Reduce Labor, Increase Profits In Your Tanning Salon

Tanning salons in the United States represent a $5B industry. According to a 2008 State of the Industry Report by Looking Fit Magazine, more than 30 million of us make tanning a regular part of our health and fitness regimes. Even when we faced a recessionary economy, the tanning business continued to thrive. And now that many sectors of the economy have recovered, the market continues to grow. And what will more and more of your clientele want when they come in for tanning? A natural adjunct would be a weight loss system like FIT® Bodywraps!

Turn a Seasonal Business Into Year Round Profits

We all know that tanning is a seasonal business in some parts of the country. The industry is quite competitive and will get even more so as more new businesses enter the market. Because it is very seasonal, financial optimization of the equipment your purchase will be vital for the success of your tanning salons What will you do to keep a steady flow of income from your business this fall and winter? Revenue diversification is essential in combating the seasonality of the indoor tanning business, and by adding self-service FIT® Bodywrap system you can easily earn thousands more each month. Our salon clientele charge up to $100 for each 60-minute body wrap session. So the FIT system not only has the ability to increase your per-customer average, it can easily triple your dollar-per-square foot earnings, and can generate approximately 20-25 percent of your total revenue.

Less Labor = Higher Profitability

You will see higher turnover and higher profit margins as FIT takes away all the inefficiencies of traditional body wrap systems. Perhaps the most important key feature of the FIT® Bodywrap system is the huge reduction in labor involved. Because clients can easily administer the body wrap themselves and they wear a disposable FIT® Coat which prevents them from sweating on the equipment bed, there’s very little labor costs for the salon. Cleanup is easy and clients love the fact that they can adjust the body wrap to their personal preference all in the privacy of their own room without an attendant present. Another big bonus of the FIT® Bodywrap system? It’s compatible with your existing T-MAX® timer so you earn every dollar possible from each session. Happy customers mean loyal customers who will continue to use your salon’s services because they find extra value through the products you provide. If you are ready to take your bottom line to the next level by offering this amazing new body wrap system, order today with no money down. Give it a chance to work wonders in your salon. If you are not completely satisfied, feel free to return your FIT® Bodywrap system (but no one has ever done that yet!).

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