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Q&A with Kara Willingham on Designing the Perfect Menu

What’s on your menu? A well-integrated menu system is crucial in sharing your service offerings with your customers with or without the help of an attendant. By mapping out your offerings, you can showcase how your services can be used to complement one another. Check out our Q&A with Support & Training Manager Kara Willingham for more information on how to streamline your menu.

Q: What is the purpose of having a menu?

A: Look at your menu as one of the sales tools in your arsenal! Its function is to inform clients about your business, as well as what is available. It should guide them to create their ideal combination of services at your business. Your menu should be able to close a sale all by itself, which means it must contain all of the important information about each service.

Q: Why is it important to make a good first impression with your menu?

A: Often times new or potential clients will pick up a menu before they speak to your front desk associate or call to book an appointment. Many clients like to do their own research and if everything they are looking for is clearly laid out, they are more likely to book a service right away.

Q: Is there a proper way to organize your menu?

A: Each menu is unique but I do recommend putting like services near each other. For example, list all of your massage treatments or airbrush tanning services in the same area. I also highly recommend creating some enticing packages and encourage your clients to try services that they may have not noticed otherwise!

Q: Should you list prices?

A: Absolutely. Clients want to know how much your services are and what is included for the price. Many spas and salons list the length of time, price and a brief description for each service.

Q: How often should you change your menu?

A: A menu change can happen seasonally, quarterly, yearly or anytime you add on new services or change pricing. It is important to make sure your menu is up-to-date. It’s also a good idea to revisit your printed and online menu at least once a year so that you can make sure all of the services are cohesive and branded.

Q: Where should you place your menu?

A: High traffic areas! The front desk, locker rooms or restrooms, as well the lobby or relaxation lounge. Fun Tip: Make friends with other businesses, gyms, apartment complexes, etc., and strategically place your menu there. Don’t forget to ask for permission first.

Q: What will make you menu stand out?

A: Unique services, beautiful images, fonts and a creative layout. The look of your menu should align with the theme of your business. It can be really fun to give all of your treatments clever and cute names!

Q: How long of a menu should you create? Are you supposed to list all services?

A: Your menu should clearly and concisely list of all of the services you offer, including upgrades! Your clients want to see all the different types of services available so that they can make the most out of their visit with you.

Remember, first impressions are important! Let your menu show off the services you provide. Consider menu integration as your initial handshake with your customers and the official resume for your business.

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