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Q&A with Dr. Flickstein on Weight Loss with Infrared Heat

Warmer is better! Clients who come in for routine FIT® Bodywrap sessions may want to know about the various factors that influence the amount of calories burned during each FIT Bodywrap session.

Years of clinical research have demonstrated that the time spent in IR immersion and the amounts of IR energy being absorbed, such as that in FIT® Bodywrap, are each significant components that determine the amount of calories burned. The amount of calories burned in a FIT Bodywrap session depends on many factors such as diet, hydration, exercise and more.

FIT Bodywrap Clinical Director Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein, DC Emeritus, delves further into the different factors that affect calorie burn using FIT Bodywrap.

Q:What types of factors determine the amount of calories burned with infrared heat found in FIT® Bodywrap?

A: The most easily quantified factor is the number of grams that a FIT® Bodywrap user perspires. Regardless of how an individual produces a gram of sweat, sweating is a calorie burning function. However, with infrared heat found in the FIT Bodywrap, a person’s sweat volume can be extensively more than the volume of sweat induced by a traditional workout. Sweating alone is a workout; large amounts of sweating increases the number of calories burned.

A significant factor in calorie burning is hydration status. An entire 16 ounce bottle of water is suggested prior, during and after using the FIT Bodywrap. A FIT Bodywrap user who drinks at least 16 ounces of water prior to their session may have far better results than someone who only has a bottle of water during their session. Lack of hydration can cause the body to believe it has to conserve sweat in order to prevent further dehydration or decreased blood pressure.

Additionally, FIT Bodywrap can help the body eliminate organic acids which may help lower insulin levels and re-set the balance in the body. Lower insulin levels are one way to prevent the body from being pushed to store carbs as fat.

Q: Is there a direct relationship between how many times a client uses FIT®Bodywrap and weight loss?

A: Yes, based on volume, up to 15 to 20 percent of the sweat produced by infrared heat is composed of fat, cholesterol and toxins. In comparison, sweat produced from a steam room is composed of 3 to 5 percent cholesterol and toxins. In a nutshell, infrared heat as produced by FIT® Bodywrap, increases the percentage of how much fat is sweated out per drop of sweat. The recommended amount of FIT Bodywrap sessions is dependent on a client’s body type. For significant weight loss results, some might recommend three 60-minute sessions per week.

Q: How should clients set their heat zones? Is there anything Certified Providers can do to maximize client results?

A: During a client’s first FIT® Bodywrap session, Certified Providers should educate their client on how to set heat levels for best results. For example, arms should be set as high as comfortably tolerable and loose enough for a client to rehydrate. The feet area is based on preference. Most individuals are not comfortable with the highest level of heat in their feet, which is okay. All other areas should be kept at a temperature that is comfortably tolerable. Properly setting controls is important, especially those who have trouble naturally sweating.

FIT Bodywrap can serve as a passive cardiovascular workout. This can be very beneficial for people who have weight issues and whose joints may be overwhelmed with traditional exercise. A healthy diet is fundamental, however, it may not provide the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout, as delivered by FIT Bodywrap.

Q: How does staying hydrated affect results?

A: Staying hydrated allows the body to sweat properly throughout the entire session. If a customer is not properly hydrated, it is likely that their body will prevent itself from sweating normally to prevent further dehydration. Dehydration can lead to insufficient blood pressure. Remaining hydrated throughout a FIT® Bodywrap session will keep the body sweating efficiently because the body is hydrated.

Q: How does showering impact the efficacy for FIT® Bodywrap for clients?

A: Showering prior to a FIT® Bodywrap may help the efficacy because exfoliation will unclog pores prior to beginning a session. Showering prior to a FIT Bodywrap session may eliminate the physical obstacle of sweating. It essentially serves as a lack of inhibition from the dirt.

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