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Q&A with Dr. Flickstein on Slim Down for Summer

Wake up and smell the sunscreen because bikini season is here! It’s time to shake off the cool spring weather and get into some hot fun under the sun. Although we all might be a tad bit worried about slipping to a swimsuit this summer, there are plenty of ways to get bikini-ready, such as conducting regular infrared sessions.

This month, we spoke with FIT Bodywrap® Clinical Director Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein, D.C. Emeritus on how to slim down for summer and look your best.

Q: How can infrared help you slim down?

A: Infrared can help with losing extra fat through its soothing infrared rays. In fact, infrared is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to help with slimming down.

Conducting regular infrared sessions can help you slim down in multiple ways such as:

  • Raising your core temperature during infrared sessions so high that it induces you to sweat 3-5 times more than exercise can produce.
  • It requires a lot of calories (0.586 calories (kcal) per gram of sweat) to pump sweat out so many more calories are burned than during even the most intense forms of exercise
  • The sweat that emerges with infrared is unique, with 15-20% of the volume being melted fat, plus dissolved cholesterol and toxins versus 3-5% from normal sweat.
  • Research indicates these toxins anchor fat stores, making them harder to lose.
  • As organic acids are purged in this unique type of sweating, your fasting insulin levels may drop toward normal, thus stopping your body from being pushed to store as many carbs as fat.

Q: How can the summer season help maximize one’s infrared session?

A: Most people think to use infrared sessions when it’s cold, which amplifies the aches and pains infrared is famous for relieving.

In addition to the great pain relief, infrared is great to use in summer when most people are in beach-body tough workout mode. Adding infrared session to your workout routine will help amplify results and help sooth aches and pains so you can train your hardest.

Q: How often should one conduct an infrared session in order to achieve weight loss?

A: Weight loss via infrared sessions can begin at just one session a week, but for maximal fat loss you will want to pick up the pace to multiple sessions weekly.

Q: How often should one conduct an infrared session to maintain their weight once the target goal has been achieved?

A: The need to follow-up to keep trim will be dictated by your weight and body composition goals, your lifestyle, stress levels and how they affect your newly trim figure once you attain it.

Q: Why is it important to stay hydrated?

A: It’s important to stay hydrated because it can benefit our overall health, as we need water to keep our bodies functioning properly. Keeping hydrated before, and especially during and after an infrared session can help maximize your fat loss results because it can help keep your sweat rate at its maximal level.

We all want to look warm-weather wonderful this summer, so we’ve provided you with the skinny on infrared’s weight loss benefits to pass on to your clients. Whether your clients just need a boost to their current slim down plan or help starting to work toward a bikini-ready bod, there’s never a better time to spark motivation than now.

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