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Pros and Cons of Infrared Body Wraps

The decisions we make about how we treat our bodies has an impact on our overall health and wellness. For example, the food you eat can either provide fuel and energy or leave you feeling weighed down. Another example? Getting enough sleep can improve your immunity and ability to heal while pulling an all-nighter can make you more susceptible to illness.  There are many tools one can use to decide, but a pro-con list is one of the most well-known. When you’re choosing the wellness services you’ll participate in, it’s important to weigh your options and decide if there are more pros than cons.

Spoiler alert! The pros greatly outweigh the cons, and here they are.

The Infrared Body Wrap Pros

You may notice relief from recent or recurrent pain.

During an infrared session, the heat produced by the body wrap penetrates deeply to act on aggravated nerve endings, increase blood flow, increase circulation and soothe sore muscles. Those who partake in regular infrared treatments can feel relief from injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, delayed-onset muscle soreness, and more. Hence, infrared energy has proven to be exceptionally useful for chronic pain patients. Infrared heat can also assist with eliminating stiffness once the inflammation has gone down, this is especially useful for strains and sprains.

You can experience weight loss and witness cellulite reduction.

With each drop of sweat our bodies produce about half a calorie is burned. Because an infrared body wrap session raises core body temperature and enhances blood circulation, it is essentially a calorie-burning experience, participants can notice a significant amount of weight loss after multiple sessions. Another great pro of body wrap treatments? The reduction of cellulite! Cellulite is a gel-like substance that is made up of fat, water, and wastes trapped in pockets below the skin’s surfaceBesides encouraging fats and toxins to leave the body, infrared body wrap therapy can also prompt the rebuilding of collagen connective tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells producing collagen fibers). Stronger collagen may help rearrange the globules away from each other and the skin’s surface, leading to the prevention of further accumulation of cellulite.

Anti-aging, improved skin hydration, and texture can be noticed.

During an infrared session blood flow is increased which can lead to many beneficial effects such as promoting cell growth and organ functions, rejuvenation of skin, and maintenance of healthy blood pressure. Infrared exposure can also lead to improved circulation and studies suggest that far infrared can stimulate the production of cell tissue and rapidly promote the regeneration of skin, hydration and even assist with wound healing.

Toxin release can improve many health issues.

Periodic infrared detoxes can be an effective way to rid your body of the toxins it absorbs during a normal day because they assist the body with the perspiration process. The process of sweating can help the body release pollutants, but infrared sweat is different. It’s special. Why? It contains toxins that are a bit harder to release, like alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid, ammonia and heavy metals. When an overload of toxins builds up in our system we may experience recurrent sickness, aches, pains, signs of allergy, mood swings and more. Many conditions can be helped by detoxifying such as colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and immune deficiency to name a few.

You’re going to sweat.

Getting a nice healthy sweat going can be a challenge for some, yet it’s SO beneficial for the body.  This being said, some may think this is a “con”. See below!

Not convinced? Let’s take a peek at the cons.

The Infrared Body Wrap Cons

You will need to drink more water to stay hydrated.

When we sweat, our bodies lose water. Hence the reason it’s crucial to drink water before, during and after each infrared session. While drinking more water is a pro for most, some say it’s a con because they need to visit the restroom more often 😉 you decide! Contrary to popular belief you can lose more than just water weight with infrared. How? The fats and toxins that are also released through the sweat glands will not be replaced when you rehydrate.

You’re going to sweat.

Although we see this is as a pro for some it may seem like a con. How? Some people don’t really like to sweat, however, getting your glisten on is a necessary bodily function! Sweating can help you detox, fight off germs, prevent illness, lower the risk of kidney stones, heal wounds and improve the condition of the skin to name a few. If you are naturally a sweaty person (for lack of a better term) an infrared immersion can really let your sweat glands go wild, is that bad? We don’t think so, as long as you hydrate!

There are contraindications.

We want to spread the word about infrared wellness technology to everyone, but it’s important to understand that infrared immersion may not be suitable for some health conditions. If you are unsure about your health condition and how infrared may work in your body, it’s best to speak with your doctor before doing a session.

Lasting results may require some work.

It’s true, that infrared can assist with the incredible benefits listed above, but if you’re looking to see lasting results, it’s possible that you’ll also have to make some lifestyle changes.

You may decide to cut out unhealthy food and habits.

This might seem like it’s going to influence your social life, but it doesn’t have to! Once you begin to notice the positive effects infrared heat has on your body you may be inspired to eat healthier, go on a walk and become more active. There you have it, the pros and cons of infrared body wrap! How will you decide if you should try an infrared body wrap session? Ask yourself if the pros listed above are on your list of goals. Clearly, there are more pros than cons and infrared heat can work wonders for a variety of wellness concerns. Other pros include improved sleep, deep relaxation, natural mood enhancement and, of course, real results.

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