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Pain Relief From Accident Injuries

What happens after you’ve been in an auto accident or suffered an injury at work? After you’ve gone through all the appropriate steps, such as contacting your insurance company and visiting the Emergency Room, you may still be left with a lot of pain and discomfort that just won’t go away using traditional therapy methods.

There’s a new type of therapy that might be just what you need to function at 100 percent again and it’s available through many chiropractic and physical therapy clinics: far infrared ray body wraps.

How FIR Body Wraps Can Help

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat provides a unique way for the soothing effects of a sauna to specifically target your body’s aches and pains without having to inhale the hot, moist air. It is particularly effective at treating injuries which affect joints, muscles and the circulatory system.

FIT® Bodywraps, available at many clinics and tanning salons, incorporate FIR technology that functions much like a sauna in a body wrap. All you have to do is put on a FIT® Coat and lie down on the machine. The far infrared rays of the FIT system heat your body to safe levels. The heat thins the blood so it can target the fat tissues. Fat “melts” and enters the bloodstream. Via the sweat your body produces in response to the FIR heat, fat and toxins are whisked away.

While you are effortlessly burning calories to produce sweat and ridding your body of toxic metals and pollution, FIT® Bodywraps using FIR technology also provide relief for joint and muscle aches and pains. Your circulatory system also benefits and this improves your skin tone, making it soft and supple – an added benefit of this relaxing therapy. FIT® Bodywraps provide healing, as opposed to just pain relief. And they do it without using medications which often hide the pain and produce unwanted side effects.

Insurance Coverage

If you are worried about the cost of FIT® Bodywraps, which are very reasonably priced, rest assured that many health insurance plans cover the cost of a one-hour session. Your chiropractor of physical therapist could simply add the cost of your soothing body wrap session onto the existing insurance policy claim that covers the cost of treatment for your injury.

If you are suffering from aches and pains that don’t respond well to traditional treatment methods, ask your therapy provider if he or she offers FIT® Bodywraps. This could be the effective, painless, soothing treatment your injured body needs to recover quickly and fully. And who knows? You might just lose weight while enjoying your FIT® Bodywrap treatments, too!

Physical therapists and chiropractors – learn more about ways to use FIT® Bodywraps in your practice here.

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