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Pain Management Tips For Senior Citizens

It’s a true, but unfortunate, fact: the older we get, the more aches and pains we are likely to experience. Although we’d like to think we can stay young of mind forever, our bodies don’t like to cooperate!

If you are one of the millions of senior citizens in this country whose lives are negatively affected by back pain, joint inflammation, poor circulation and a slowing metabolism, then you need to know how to easily manage pain the drug-free way while helping your body’s circulatory and cardiovascular systems stay in tiptop shape.

Tight Muscles

If you don’t use your muscles every day, you might experience tightness and shortness, especially after unusual activity. Your doctor might advise a series of cold and hot therapies along with gentle stretching to treat pain and stiffness. Moist heat, in particular, is very effective at loosening the muscles and joints while increasing flexibility. A hot shower is good, a sauna is better, but a FIT Bodywrap is best.

The best offense is a good defense. Before you head outside for gardening or bike riding or other forms of exercise, stretch your muscles first and make sure they are warm.

Circulation Problems

Because you are probably not as active as you once were, your circulatory could use a bit of help. Sluggish circulation causes fatigue, muscle tightness and shortness of breath. By increasing the rate of your body’s circulation via infrared heat treatments, you will enjoy increased tissue flexibility, enhanced blood flow and an added bonus of reducing toxins in your body.

Relaxing actually helps, too. When your body is tranquil, it calms the muscles and capillaries. In turn, this allows your blood to circulate more easily throughout your body while decreasing blood pressure. FIT Bodywraps are a very relaxing form of therapy which allow you to watch a movie or listen to music for an hour while wrapped in warmth and comfort.

How Infrared Ray Therapy Works

Heat is a safe and effective way to deal with a variety of aches and pains. The infrared ray heat produced in a FIT Bodywrap penetrates several inches below the skin, heating your body to a safe level from the inside out. During a relaxing body wrap session, your arteries will dilate, your circulation will increase, and your metabolism rate will rise. The deep heating from infrared rays also causes your body to sweat, and that burns calories. If you wish to lose weight in addition to relieving pain, then FIT Bodywraps are a perfect form of therapy!

No matter where your body aches, FIT Bodywraps delivers deep heat via safe infrared rays to alleviate the pain. Try a one-hour session today and see just how great it makes you feel.

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