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Our Most Memorable Moments of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, it presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the changes and great new things we’ve experienced in the past year. In case you missed some of our news, here’s a recap of our more memorable moments and how they help you – the tanning salon, spa, wellness center or clinic owner – better serve your clients and make more money in the process!

Sales & Marketing

Twenty-thirteen was the year we brought lots of great new talent to the FIT Bodywrap© team. We hired a general manager, Sandy Weisman, who was quickly promoted to COO of the company. Since coming onboard, Sandy has made lots of exciting new changes in the way we market the company and sell our products. He was instrumental in bringing a new marketing company and a sales support and training manager to the mix, as well. All of these key personnel mean that FIT Bodywrap© has the means to fully support all customers before, during and after the sale. Look for plenty of new marketing ideas we’ll be rolling out in 2014.

In order to incorporate the creative genius of our clientele, the monthly newsletter will also be featuring a specific salon or spa owner each month to share the promotional ideas that have worked best for selling FIT Bodywrap© sessions. The idea is to allow you to learn from real small business owners how to best take advantage of your investment.

We are also continuing to update our website. The new website design was proudly rolled out in 2012 but that doesn’t mean we stopped there. At the beginning of 2014, we’ll introduce you to the latest, greatest version of our online presence that allows you to do more online. Stay tuned!

Product and Service Innovations

Perhaps our biggest announcement of the year was adding Dr. Aaron Flickstein, DC Emeritus (ret) to the FIT team as Medical Director. With an extensive background in holistic healing methodology and research on far infrared ray (FIR) treatment, Dr. Flickstein is now hard at work finding new uses for the FIT Bodywrap© system, as well as providing concrete examples of the therapeutic benefits of FIR. Expect to see glimpses of our next generation of fitness and wellness products in the upcoming year, thanks to Dr. Flickstein’s input.

In order to make the FIT Bodywrap© system more affordable for any business owner, we dropped the price. This is unprecedented in the industry! As the only infrared body wrap system to completely cover the body, use industrial-grade components and include the proprietary FIT Booster© spray to increase effectiveness, we didn’t have to lower the price – but we did it because we want more of you to help your customers with this revolutionary new weight loss, detoxification and healing tool.

We also rolled out our new FIT Care© program for Certified Providers. Any business owner with a FIT Bodywrap© system (a Certified Provider) can take advantage of this special program that offers fantastic discounts on supplies and maintenance.

This is also a great opportunity to thank you, our clients and the dedicated fans of FIT Bodywrap©. Our exponential growth and business success can be directly attributed to all of you who believe in the effectiveness of our infrared body wrap system and spread the word to your family, friends and followers. Thank you!

All of us at FIT Bodywrap© want to wish you a very happy, successful New Year that brings everything you wish for in 2014!

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