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New Experience for Clients with the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna

Spas, gyms, salons, massage and waxing businesses can easily expand the menu of services with the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna. While a traditional sauna room may require extensive investment and buildout, the FIT Bodywrap System offers existing and new businesses an exciting new service with minimal investment.  The FIT Bodywrap System is a service that can be incorporated into existing treatment rooms and client service areas. It has a small footprint with a large return. There are no minimums nor maximums to the amount of free standing FIT Bodywrap Systems that can be incorporated into existing businesses. For startups, the FIT Bodywrap System is an innovation personal care service with low upfront costs.  Technicians can be certified in hours. Owners and managers can easily train staff after undergoing certification training. The FIT Bodywrap System is a safe effective modern sauna evolution that provides clients with a relaxing alternative to good health habits.  The Health Effects Centuries of sauna use have led medical researchers to an understanding of the health benefits of regular sauna sessions. Recognized health benefits from regular sauna use include:

  • Improved Blood Pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Improved Heart Function
  • Treating chronic pains
  • Healing and restoring muscles
  • Quicker recovery after strenuous work or athletic events

The everyday jogger, runner, or workout enthusiasts are only the beginning of those that can benefit from regular sauna sessions. For the active individual, the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna can improve muscle recovery, and healing. For the sedentary individual regular sessions in a FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna mimics the healthy effects of a moderate to intense workout. Results from the first session in a FIT Bodywrap System, the sauna heated by infrared light, include:

  • Raising the heart rate for improved function and blood circulation
  • Sweating out toxins to purify blood and organs
  • Tightening skin to ease cellulite and spur on weight loss

Unlike the traditionally fueled saunas, the infrared heated sauna is targeted heat with less wastes and a smaller carbon footprint. It is better for the client, the environment and the fight against climate change. This innovative body enveloping sauna provides comfort controlled targeted heat for maximum benefits. Get Started In A Week Personal care service businesses can get started in a week with a new service that clients will crave on a regular basis. Log onto to begin the process. FIT Bodywrap now offers Sezzle Financing on purchases of $1500 or more.  Once you order your FIT Bodywrap System it will ship on the next available business shipping day. When you receive your FIT Bodywrap System or Systems the training process begins, there is no extensive buildouts to add the 21st century infrared body wrap by FIT Bodywrap. It only requires electrical current and a service room. Massage and waxing centers can incorporate the FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna System into existing treatment rooms. The FIT Bodywrap System is a turnkey way to add additional services to a host of existing businesses. The FIT Bodywrap System includes, training, onboarding, marketing solutions, support, maintenance and repair services along with proprietary products and an accessible knowledge center.  The FIT Bodywrap 21st Century Infrared Sauna System increases profits with satisfied, repeat and new clients without increasing overhead. Contact us today at -1 (760) 542-6707 or 

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