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More Local Marketing Tips for Your Tanning Salon, Spa or Wellness Center

As a bricks-and-mortar business, you simply can’t overvalue the use of local marketing to drive more customers through your doors. As your partner in success, we can’t stop providing you with new ways to do just that! Here are some more tips for increasing local awareness of your salon, spa or medical center.

Ways to Stand Out from the Competition

Chances are, you’ve got some competition in your town or area (if you don’t, lucky you!). The key to growing your business is to differentiate yourself from the rest, not only by providing FIT Bodywrap® services, but by doing things in a fresh, innovative way. Read through these tips and make note of which ones would work best in your business:

  • Offer a specialty drink after your customers enjoy a FIT Bodywrap® session: carbonated water with a slice of fresh lemon, fruit and mint-infused water or tea, or a drink that replaces electrolytes (such as Gatorade).
  • Stay-at-home moms would love to have a daycare facility onsite so they could enjoy all your spa services without having to worry about the kids.
  • Stay open earlier/later hours than your competitors to target those customers whose schedules don’t fit into the norm.
  • Position a television set above your FIT Bodywrap® table so customers can watch a show while relaxing in the wrap.
  • Update your scheduling process (software is best!). It’s vital that you have an accurate system in place to avoid overbooking or scheduling conflicts.

Unique Local Marketing Ideas

It’s important to keep in mind the demographics, geography and culture of the surrounding area to most effectively reach your local market. For instance:

  • If you live in one of the areas of the country hardest hit by winter weather, advertise a session in the tanning booth and FIT Bodywrap® as a mini escape from the cold. If you really want to capitalize on the soothing warmth of your services, place blow-up palm trees visible in the front windows and paint tropical scenes on them.
  • Metro area businesses usually benefit from expanding their marketing to rural areas nearby. Think about it – someone who lives in a small town one to three hours away probably doesn’t have immediate access to a FIT Bodywrap® – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to take advantage of such a service. Make rural residents aware it’s available.
  • Does your area have any semi-pro sports teams? Approach them about using your services to help the entire team recover from injuries, improve circulation and detox by using FIT Bodywrap®. You could give them body wrap sessions for free in exchange for the ability to market your name in connection with theirs.
  • Sponsor a local Little League, AYSO or Pop Warner Football team. Who takes the kids to practice and games most often? Moms! Moms are sure to be interested in a body wrap, tanning session or massage and will patronize the business that sponsors their kids’ team.

Now is the time to put some creative local marketing in place – well before the slow season of JASON (July, August, September, October, November) hits. Are you ready to get more business now – and keep the customers coming in all year long?

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