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More Business Quotes from FIT Certified Providers

Need a bit of inspiration to get you through the busy summer months? These Certified Providers have been providing FIT Bodywrap services for their customers successfully for many months – or even years. Learn what they have found to be some of the best ways to market and use the best infrared body wrap system on the market today.

How FIT helps a business grow:

“They [new clients] hear about it from their friends. It helps our tanning business because they come in for a FIT Bodywrap® and see other things such as tanning, sprays, products we have and sign up for a membership to do all those things. FIT Bodywrap® gets people into the salons who wouldn’t normally come in to tan. [The] body wrap system is about a third or a fourth of the cost of a big tanning bed and generates more money than a tanning bed.” – Matt Stracner, owner of 7 iTan franchises

“FIT Bodywrap® adds a whole new aspect to my tanning salon. I needed to diversify and this has been best addition to the salon by far. Everyone feels the impact of JASON (the slow season of July, August, September, October, November). I simply don’t feel the impact anymore; FIT Bodywrap® makes up for it. That’s huge for any tanning salon owner. What’s helping my business more than anything else right now is FIT©!” – Frank Ewing, owner, Sun on the Run

“Tanning is kind of a luxury, especially when the economy isn’t doing well, so we were looking for other, health-oriented services to branch out into. We’ve had the FIT Bodywrap® system for about two years now. We are the only salon in the Desert Sun franchise that has FIT Bodywrap® and Erin definitely picked a winner! We have had such great success – everyone loves it.” – Ruben Vargas, Manager, Desert Sun Tanning

How FIT Bodywraps benefit your customers:

“I even have some young, 21-year-old employees who don’t need to lose weight but use body wraps. They get other benefits than losing weight.” – Matt Stracner, owner of 7 iTan franchises

“My brother lost 52 pounds. He lives in Nashville and I loaned him my personal FIT Bodywrap® machine. My cousin Amy is down 65 pounds – after seeing my brother she was convinced that it worked and tried it herself. Another cousin, Ashley, is down 102 pounds. I have two clients with success stories, too: Arika, who is down 80 pounds and still going; and Misty, who dropped 47 pounds between August and September last year.

Let’s face it; everyone wants to improve their body without having to diet or exercise. FIT Bodywrap® gets people who aren’t used to losing weight into healthy habits, especially drinking lots of water.” – Kristen Haga, owner, Sunkissed Tanning

“I’ve got one lady who works for the police department and she is on a weight loss journey. I gave her a discounted price and she helps sell it for me. She is really happy with it. I’ve got another customer with neuropathy who is using FIT Bodywrap® and he claims it is helping with his blood circulation.” – Troy Showalter, owner, Eastend Laundry & Tanning

Plan now to beat the slowdown of business in those end-of-summer and autumn months by installing a FIT Bodywrap® system in your salon, spa or wellness center today.

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