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Mind and Body Wellness

A buzzword in today’s health-conscious society is “mind and body wellness.”  It is a phrase that certainly sounds like a goal that should be pursued, but exactly what does mind, and body wellness encompass? Does it just mean feeling good or does it go deeper than that?  Like all things in life and the practices of people who are in pursuit of health, the meanings may be parsed for each individual. An overall definition of the mind-body wellness concept may begin with a breakdown of its components. Starting from the end, wellness is the goal, but what does it entail? Wellness connotes a balance. In the case of mind and body wellness, it is the balance of the physical, social, intellectual, mental, emotional, and spiritual of the person. The concept is not new by any stretch of the imagination.  The recorded and documented concept of balance can be traced back to theories and practices that originated from 1500 through 500 BCE. The spiritualists, yogis, holy men, and meditation masters who wrote about the practice in the ancient holy books preserved in India, talk about balance in the form of energy centers or chakras throughout the body.  In the Western world and among those who continue to achieve balance using meditation it is popularly accepted that there are seven essential chakras. To those who dedicate their lives to achieving internal harmony, it is commonly accepted that there are one hundred and fourteen energy centers or chakras within a human being. No matter the number the basic theory is that the energy centers need to be aligned to achieve mind and body wellness.

Improving Mind and Body Wellness

Balance is key in improving mind and body wellness for each individual. How to arrive at that point is also an individual journey. Meditation can be a life-encompassing pursuit in search of balancing the chakras. For others in the busy 21st-century balance can include meditation, but it also needs to include:

  • A healthy and nutritious diet which is often referred to as a balanced diet.
  • A regular exercise program that includes time to rest and repair the muscles, joints and ligaments. How often do you see athletes treating injuries from overuse, overextension and lack of a balanced workout that includes strengthening, and conditioning?
  • Regular hydration to keep the liquids balanced within the body for the proper functioning of organs and bodily systems.
  • Fun, mental and emotional pursuits are keys to balancing the experiences that will benefit mind and body wellness.
  • Times of relaxation and personal spaces is an essential part of achieve mind and body wellness. Just as the body requires time to rest, repair and rejuvenate from exercise and physical activity, the intellectual, spiritual and emotional centers of the person also need that kind of time. Regularly scheduled massages, infrared saunas, swimming and quiet contemplation can provide the rest, repair and rejuvenation time that is necessary to achieve mind and body wellness.

  A Question of Balance

The pursuit of mind and body wellness is as diverse and induvial as the essence of each person. Not everyone can dedicate their life to meditation or actively pursue a 24/7healthy lifestyle. Each person can begin with diet, rest, exercise and enjoying personal time in an invigorating FIT Bodywrap Infrared Sauna, swimming or quiet personal time.

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